Statement from Team UNITY(St.Kitts-Nevis) on “The Boundaries Case”

Pursuant to the Order of the High Court delivered last Friday 16th January, 2015, the applicants for Judicial Review in what is now popularly referred to as the “Boundaries Case”, have today filed the necessary papers complying with that order.

The parties are to appear before the Court on Thursday morning at 9:30am in this urgent matter of National and international interest.
We thank all who are praying for the good of our country and are expressing understandable outrage and disgust at how the Douglas regime went about the hijacking of Parliament on Friday 16th and the general indecent haste with which the dishonest illegitimate regime has sought to gerrymander the boundaries. The action of the illegitimate government constitute a fraud and travesty against the people.
Our people deserve so much better. Team Unity will fight to restore democracy, freedom and good government to our beloved St. Kitts and Nevis.

We are confident that the people and institutions of St Kitts and Nevis will continue to stand firm against the unconstitutional, unjust and desperate machinations of the illegitimate Douglas regime.
Our People deserve to be on a Road to Prosperity.

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