Success Of Customer Service Training of J. N. France General Hospital Staff Reflected in Improved Ratings

Basseterre, St. Kitts (SKNIS): The customer service training with doctors, nurses and staff at the Joseph N. France (JNF) General Hospital is yielding positive results with more and more patients giving a favourable rating following their experiences at the nation’s top health institution.

The series of training initiated in May 2023, was part of initiatives to improve the overall quality of healthcare and patient experience at the JNF. Director of Health Institutions at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Jenson Morton, noted that feedback from surveys, face-to-face discussions and notes left in the confidential suggestion box, reflects an increasingly positive rating from patients and visitors.

“There has been a clear uptick with regards to the appreciation of the general public of the services that are being offered, which indicates to us that there has been some positive impact of the customer service training and the overall levels of service that people receive,” he stated on the February 21, 2024, edition of InFocus.

Dr. Morton added that any concerns raised from reported experiences are continuously reviewed. However, he cautioned that people should “not think that the person screaming the loudest is the majority.”

“The majority of the persons have been saying that they are appreciative of the improvement of the quality of care that they have been receiving,” he emphasised.

Dr. Morton indicated that in the near future, every patient admitted to the Joseph N. France General Hospital will be issued a quality assessment tool where they can input their experiences “good and bad.” This will help administrators to better identify and address issues.

Further, the director of health institutions noted that there will be ongoing customer service training to ensure that high standards are maintained by all employees at the premier health institution and other medical centres.

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