By:Curtis Morton

A brief but impressive ceremony took place on one of the Tennis courts at the Four Seasons Resort, on Friday 19th August.

The ceremony effectively brought closure to the annual summer training camp in Tennis and Golf, coordinated by the Youth and Sports Department, in collaboration with the Four Seasons Resort, Nevis.

The program which is in its 15th year, saw Tennis Pro at the Resort; Mr. Leon Patchett, chairing the ceremony and congratulating the well over 40 children on their participation in the training and for their general good behaviour. He also thanked Mr. Anthony Webbe for assisting him with the coaching exercises in Tennis.

Director of Sports at the Resort, Mr. Mackay France, then saluted the efforts of Robert Byron-Asst. Golf Pro and Leon Patchett, Tennis Pro who actually sacrificed money and time to be facilitators.

He acknowledged the significant contributions by the guests of the hotel, who each Christmas, engage in a fund raiser, which is used to purchase gifts, normally rackets, for the children.

However, based on a suggestion from Mr. Patchett, this year, each participant was provided with a spanking new professional Tennis cap. The quality of which is sold at the Pro shop.

Each participant was then presented with a cap.

The best behaved boy and girl in each program, received an extra special prize.

For the Tennis program, they were: Kenincia and Anwa and for the Golf program, they were: Kelincia and Roberto Byron.

Mr. France noted that next year the Resort is hoping to put on a Golf fund raising event that will serve to enhance the quality of prizes even further.

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