Support Shelma Brookes’s courage to fight Thymoma Cancer

Shelma Brookes, a Nevisian, from Brown Pasture urgently need financial assistance to boost a treatment fund she is working hard to raise in order to pay for chemotherapy sessions.

Last Friday, she worked hard although on sick leave and sold luncheon tickets to help her raise urgently needed money to pay for her ongoing chemotherapy sessions. Through the luncheon and through donations she has received from well wishers, she has managed to raise EC5,000 but she requires $US10,500 to pay for three chemotherapy sessions locally at a cost of $US3,500 per chemotherapy session.

Brookes said she will have three chemotherapy sessions prior to having a scan. The scan will help determine the way forward for her treatment. Before chemotherapy treatment became available on the island of Nevis, Brookes already had five cycles of chemotherapy in Trinidad.

She noted that chemotherapy sessions almost cost the same in Trinidad and Nevis but said it is better to have the sessions done in her home island where she does not have to pay for accommodation, air flight and other expenses. She stated getting treatment on the island is a better option as she is surrounded by family members, relatives and the Nevisian community.

Brookes, a Registered Nurse at the Alexandra hospital who is currently on sick leave was diagnosed with cancer in January 2012. She has had chemotherapy sessions and radiation before. Her treatment journey has already cost her more than EC100,000.

She is required to pay for the chemotherapy sessions upfront and claim part of the money from the insurance. She did one chemotherapy session on April 12 and the next one is due on Friday May 2.

Brookes, a Born Again Christian says her faith in God enables her to cope, “I became a Christian before the diagnosis. “

Esther Brooke, an international fashion designer made an outfit and on it was inscripted cancer messages which was auctioned at a recent fashion show she hosted, “I am Every Woman”. The money accrued from the donation was donated to Pink Lily Cancer Care. According to Tracy Parris, Pink Lily Client Support Coordinator, the EC250.00 will be donated to Shelma Brookes.

Compassionate Touch Spa and Salon located in Newcastle, Nevis has come on board to fund raise on behalf of Brookes. Compassionate Touch is hosting a raffle for a 60 Minute Full Body Massage and all proceeds go to Shelma Brookes. When you purchase a spot you get 30% off any treatment until December. You may purchase as many spots as you like for just $10 each.

You may purchase your spot and get your voucher from Valencia Ward-Griffin Esperina Griffin-Archibald at 869 469-9748 or if just want to make a contribution to her brave effort you can either call, text or whatsapp Shelma at 8697634265 or email her .

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