Swim To Win – A New Initiative to Be Launched Soon

Swim to win 2020 is set to be launched shortly.

According to Mrs. Terri Andrews, the idea is a collaborative effort between the Nevis Special Olympics committee, the sail to a brighter future program, Department of Youth and Sports, the Four Seasons foundation and the Nevis Yacht Association.

The initiative is borne out of the fact that it has been discovered that too many persons within the federation, still harbour a fear of the water and are unable to swim.  The initiative is set to promote swimming and to present a calendar of related events for the year.

The ultimate goal is to get as many persons to get over their fear of the water and to learn to swim.

Caroline Wood of the sail to a brighter future program noted that once individuals learn to swim at least 150 feet and become confident in the water, then they would qualify to learn to sail.

Jamir Claxton, Director of Sports, noted that the initiative is fully endorsed by his Department and registration forms are available at the Department’s office. The cost is only $100.00 per person.
Winston Crooke, President of the SKN Swimming Federation, also fully endorses the initiative and noted that there are so many benefits to swimming and can actually lead to many lucrative professions.

As part of the initiative, highly qualified swimming instructor, Anne Mc Clindon, will conduct a workshop on Nevis for one week, starting January 18th and this will be geared to local swimming coaches.

The tentative calendar of events is as follows:
February – Sundays – swimming activities
May – Sundays – swimming activities
July – Red Cross swimming program
August – Swim and sail Marine Biology program
September – Sundays – swimming activities

The general public is being cordially invited to be a part of the initiative.

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