Swimming Christena Memorial Swim Camps Conclude

Friday 30th July, saw the conclusion of the Christena Memorial Swim camps, coordinated by the Swim to win committee, Department of Youth and Department of Sports.
The concluding phase of the camp, took place at the beach at Yachtsman’s, with the facilities graciously provided by Mr. Deon Daniel.

The participants who consisted of over 60 primary school and early secondary school students, were taken through their paces one more time and allowed to showcase what they would have learnt over the last two weeks.

The closing ceremony was ably chaired by Deputy Director of Sports, Mr. Brian Dowe, who was quick to point out that the camp was even more relevant, as the significant date of August 1st approached, which would make it 51 years since the MV Christena sank.

He applauded Premier Mark Brantley for the initiative of starting the swim camp.

Premier Brantley was also present and made brief remarks.
He noted that since the sinking of the Christena, Nevisians have had an unusual relationship with the ocean. He reminisced that in those early years after the disaster, his mother warned them to stay away from the ocean, or they would surely drown.
He was high in praise for the organizers and to Anne Mclindon the international swim coach, who mapped out the swimming program, with the help of Terri Andrews and Winston Crooke.
He also presented a gift to the Swim coach. She expressed her deep appreciation for the gesture.

President of St. Kitts and Nevis Swimming Federation, Winston Crooke, also gave brief remarks and he also saluted the efforts of Terri Andrews and Anne Mclindon, along with all of the newly trained instructors.

He stated that he is hoping that with this newborn love for the ocean, by so many, that Nevisians will step away from the idea that the ocean is a place of fear and mistrust and change it to a place of enjoyment, fun, adventure, fitness and all of those quality things that serve to make our lives better.

Minister of Sports, Hon. Eric Evelyn, indicated that the work and effort put in by Coach Anne Mclindon and the volunteers, cannot be paid for and expressed sincere thanks on behalf of the Nevis Island Administration.
He noted that the swim camp was one good thing resulting from the bad situation of the disaster and also presented coach Mclindon with a gift.
He then assisted with the presentation of medals to the participants, who were introduced by their respective instructors.

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