Swimming : Christena Memorial Swim Camps Going Well

International Swim Coach, Anne Mclindon is indicating that the Christena memorial swim camps are going according to plan.

Curtis Morton Jr

On Wednesday of this week, she informed that two camps are being held for this week, which involves sixty children.

They have been split into two sessions per day-one in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

The children who are mainly primary school students and early high schoolers are divided into groups of six, with each group supervised by two of the recently graduated local instructors.

Each child is met at his/her level of fear of the water and/or ability in the water and taken from there.

Kerdis Clarke

Then, they are encouraged to get their face into the water; learn to float, on back and stomach and being able to turn over; then progress to the kick, then arms, etc.

She noted that all of the children have progressed nicely during the course of the week newly qualified instructor, Curtis Morton Jr, noted that he has had quite an intriguing experience working with the younger children and has seen some of them who were initially, literally afraid to get too close to the water, now entering and exiting on their own.

He is enthused about the program and encourages all of the parents and guardians on the island to ensure that they get their children involved.

Ms. Kerdis Clarke, who is the Director of Youth on the island, noted that the Department of Youth has always been integrally involved with the swim program and her team of officers have led out in welcoming the children during the week and engaging them in devotionals and assisting the instructors wherever possible.

She is also encouraging more parents to get involved with the program and anticipates that the week’s session will climax on a high note on Friday 30th July, when the participants will be presented with their certificates.

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