Swimming : Testimony of A Brand-New Swimmer

Sports officer at the Sports Department in Nevis, Charlene Martin, is singing the praises of International Swimming Coach, Ms. Anne Mclindon.

Martin was speaking at the recent conclusion of a swimming instructors’ course, which was overseen by Ms. Mclindon.

Martin who showed up as part of the support crew for the program, representing the Sports Department, noted that she had a serious fear of the water, but always wanted to learn to swim.

In conversation with Ms. Mclindon, she was soon encouraged to get into the water.

Once she was in the water, Ms. Mclindon helped to make her comfortable and before she knew it, she was floating on her back and then on her stomach and being able to do the flip over in the process.

Before the session ended, she was also making actual swimming strokes.

She exclaimed: ‘What I have been trying to do in 35 years, Anne taught me to do in 35 minutes!’

According to Anne Mclindon: ‘Miss Martin was terrified of the water and now I cannot keep her out of it!”

She promises that she, along with the other instructors, are committed to helping all interested persons in learning to swim, even if they now have a fear of the water.

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