By:Curtis Morton

Gingerland –Nevis-Miss Sylvia Huggins of Rawlins Village was beaming with pride and joy, as she received the keys to a brand new house, complements of the Nevis Island Administration, through the dynamic Ministry of Social Development.

The significant ceremony took place on Tuesday 1st of November and was ably chaired by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development, Mr. Keith Glasgow. He explained that the Ministry continues to look out for the less fortunate and impoverished within the community and noted that when the plight of Miss Huggins was brought to the attention of his Ministry, plans were soon implemented for a proper assessment of her situation and having recognized the dire plight that she was in, the decision was made to assist her in getting a proper house.

He also commended Miss Tracey Parris, Community Development Officer for bringing an awareness of the situation to the Ministry and Miss Lorraine Archibald, Gender Affairs Coordinator and Miss Anesta Maynard, also of the Social Services department, for the work that they did in terms of the assessment of the situation.

Contractor John Freeman and his team were also especially commended for their great work in erecting the two bedroom concrete structure.

He further extended heartiest thanks to the Nevis Housing and Land Corporation, for donating the land on which the house is built and pointed to partnerships, making things happen.

Minister of Social Development in the NIA, Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams, noted that her Ministry will continue to look out for persons in need, as was the case with Miss Huggins. She pointed to the fact that as Miss Huggins is disabled and is forced to utilize a wheel chair, the house was built with a ramp, which enables her to easily access the home.

She also stated that there are more such projects in the works, as there are more persons who are in need of urgent assistance and promised that a new tier of such programs will be rolled out next year.

She wished her God’s protection for herself, her son and her new house, so that she could live in peace and safety for the rest of her days.

The blessing of the house was done by Senior Communications Officer, Mr. Curtis Morton, in the absence of Pastor Stephen Liburd and Miss Huggins made her eloquent response from a prepared script.

She thanked Minister Brandy-Williams; Miss Parris, the NIA; the contractor and all who had made her dream house a reality.

Community Development Officer, Miss Tracey Parris noted that she only did what she had to do.

She stated that Miss Huggins’ previous living conditions were far from acceptable and that is why she had to assist in getting her out of that situation.

All present were then given a guided tour of Miss Huggins’ new house and expressed commendations for the great work accomplished by Mr. John Freeman and his team.

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