Team UNITY Meets with Commonwealth Secretariat on Challenges to Good Governance

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, May 12th 2014 (TUCOM):-The Motion of No Confidence and the state of constitutional democracy here in St Kitts and Nevis continue to be of interest to entities at home and abroad.

On Sunday 11th May, marking the 17th month that the illegitimate Douglas regime continued to block the Motion of No Confidence, officials of the Commonwealth Secretariat are in Basseterre on a fact finding mission on the political situation in the Federation.

The delegation met with Team Unity led by Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, M.P., accompanied by Hon Eugene Hamilton, Hon Sam Condor, Hon Senator Vincent Byron, Ian “Patches” Liburd and Jonel Powell candidates for constituencies 1 and 2, and Dr Patrick Welcome.

Team Unity’s delegation expressed concerns regarding the subversion of democracy in the country and itemized the serial breaches of the constitution by the illegitimate Douglas regime.

The Commonwealth Secretariat delegation provided an overview of the Commonwealth’s role and the capacity to assist where all parties were willing to accept assistance. The Commonwealth team from the Political Affairs Division was led by Mr Tafawa Williams, Political Advisor and Clara Cole, Political Affairs Officer of the Democracy Section.

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