Teams Warm Up For Local Tournament

As the local teams on Nevis warm up for the commencement of the annual Malcolm Guishard Basketball league, two exhibition games were played at the Craddock Road Basketball court on the evening of Saturday 27th October.

In game one, it was a ding-dong battle between two youthful teams: Dynamics G Starz (fresh from their participation in a tournament held in St. Kitts) and St. Thomas’.

The close game went right into the third quarter but in the final quarter, St. Thomas’ ran out of gas and gave up the ghost.

Final score:

Dynamics G Starz 68 St. Thomas’ 55

1st quarter

Dynamics G Starz 13 St. Thomas’ 12

Second quarter

St. Thomas’ 15 Dynamics G Starz 14

Third quarter

St. Thomas’ 17 Dynamics G Starz 15

Fourth quarter

Dynamics G Starz 26 St. Thomas’ 11

Half time score 27-all

Dynamics G Starz

Kejhano Williams 10 points; 19 rebs

Julien Emilien 16 points; 18 rebs

Ryan Challenger 11 points; 5 rebs

Keinaujai Huggins 8 points; 6 rebs

St. Thomas’

Hassan Harvey 12 points; 21 rebs

Kai Davis 16 points; 19 rebs

Kyan Bussue 12 points; 6 rebs

Dequan Moving15 points; 4 rebs

In the second game of the evening, Eagles and Dynasty ballers also thrilled the sizeable crowd, right into the third quarter but as was the case in the first match of the evening, at crunch time, when it mattered ,most, Dynasty Ballers apparently fell asleep and the Eagles flew home quite comfortably in the end

Final score:

Eagles 77 Dynasty Ballers 64

First quarter

Dynasty ballers 15 Eagles 15

Second quarter

Dynasty baller 18 Eagles 17

Third quarter

Eagles 18 Dynasty Ballers 17

Fourth quarter

Eagles 27 Dynasty Ballers 14

Half time score 33 to 32 in favour of Dynasty Ballers


Gassano Barry 27 points; 19 rebs

Thabiti Abrams 15 points; 8 rebs

Kareem Parry15 points; 6 rebs

Jeffrey Lewis 7 points; 5 rebs

Dynasty Ballers

Trevorne Simmonds 23 points; 4 rebs

Dio Hendrickson 21 points; 7 rebs

Tyreek Griffin 9 points; 5 rebs

Keijarie Huggins 5 points; 2 rebs

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