The 12th annual Nevis to St Kitts Cross channel Swim

The 12th annual Nevis to St Kitts Cross channel Swim  will be taking place this March 30th 2014, the organizers are expecting a record turnout for this event, and are hopeful that the course record will be broken, to encourage this to happen they will be offering a cash prize to the swimmer that takes on and completes this challenge.

The swim is both a race and a bucket list event for not so competitive or able athletes allowing the use of ‘assistance’ such as fins, or wetsuits etc, however these athletes do not qualify for any prizes, those swimmers that do compete have the opportunity to race within ‘age groups’ so that everyone is competing on a level playing field.

Starting on Nevis at the Oualie Beach the swimmers swim across the fairly shallow ‘Narrows’ which has a maximum depth of 30 feet, so that the bottom is visible all the way across, the swimmers will be escorted by kayakers, motor boats and the Coast Guard to ensure their safety, finishing up at Cockleshell Beach on St Kitts with a post race breakfast and party hosted by the Reggae Beach bar.

For more information on the swim, registration information, and accommodation etc please follow the link:-

Or contact the organizers by phone:- (869) 664 2843 or by e-mail:-


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