“The CCM Government needs to go home because they are guilty of corruption in high places”, says former deputy premier

Charlestown, Nevis (Monday, August 18, 2014)- Former deputy premier in the last Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) Nevis Island Administration, Mr. Hensley Daniel, told a packed audience at a recent Town Hall Meeting at the Barnes Ghaut Community Center that the meeting was one way to help in the fight against the principalities that the CCM government pose, and the ”spiritual wickedness in high places in Nevis.”

Referring to the highly-debated land scandal involving a senior government official, that is, the Premier of Nevis, Mr. Daniel stated that it is wrong for a government minister to have money pass through his private business account that should have gone to the government coffers once government land was sold.

“Having money sent to your account and saying you have resigned two days before the transaction does not wash well.”

“We are hoping that by the end of this year this Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) government will go,” commented Daniel.

He asked if the people of Nevis were expected to sit down and do nothing about the numerous atrocities taking place in Nevis under this Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM). The atrocities he mentioned where corruption in government, victimization of over 200 residents through job losses, a dialysis unit rotting away on the hospital grounds, and no new employment projects on the island.

“You see what happened brothers and sisters, government is a relay where I run my race and pass on the baton to the next man. But you know what the problem is, the baton is green so they stop the race and argue about the baton, and the whole island of Nevis loses the race.”

“So we lost the race on building the fisheries complex. The Japanese gave Nevis a grant of US$12 million to build the complex. Brothers and sisters, Japan is the third largest economy in the world. If you refuse 12 million from the Japanese that is about 25cents to them, and they do not give a damn about you after you refused them. You were offered $12 million and you want to cut styles on them, on how you want the complex to be in Bath by VON radio instead of downtown Charlestown,” stated Daniel.

Mr. Daniel also spoke about other projects, among them: the fuel storage facility worth around US$1 billion. According to Daniel about 70 young persons would have been receiving training for the project. “Within the last 5 months, 4 of the 70 males who were to be involved in the program have been shot and killed,” Daniel lamented, while condemning the CCM administration for abandoning the project instead of empowering young Nevisians.

In reflecting on CCM’s callous approach to governance, Daniel concluded,” Brothers and sisters, bear in mind that we have some careless people in Nevis, and when we vote we must remember that the only project CCM will not stop is Air -Vance.”

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