The final pageant for #Culturama45 was the Flow Miss Caribbean Culture Queen Pageant : Results

We have a queen ladies and gentlemen! OLIVIA WALTERS has been crowned the 2019 FLOW Miss Caribbean Culture Queen along with the representative from Trinidad & Tobago.

What an exciting night it was. Both were tied for the top spot yet a final question could not separate them as the judges were split and so both beauties will share the title.

We were blown away by Olivia’s performance. She was poised, regal and enchanting. In addition to capturing the top spot she also won three (3) judged segments:

Two Piece Swim Wear
Performing Talent
Evening Wear

Here are the results:

WINNERS: Miss St. Kitts AND Miss Trinidad & Tobago
Runner up – Miss Guyana

Miss Guyana
Miss Trinidad & Tobago
Miss Anguilla
Miss St. Kitts
Miss St. Lucia


One Piece Swim Wear: Miss Anguilla & Miss Dominica (132 points)

Two Piece Swim Wear: Miss St. Kitts (143 points)

Interview: Miss Trinidad & Tobago (281 points)

Performing Talent: Miss St. Kitts (278 points)

Evening Wear: Miss St. Kitts (258 points)

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