The future of agriculture in Nevis grows at EARTH University

Press Release
• Devene Smithen and Prince Arrindell are the first Nevisian students to study at EARTH University in Costa Rica and will receive full scholarships.
• Both students wish to return to their native country and lead sustainable development and agricultural projects.

Guácimo, Costa Rica. August 2014. Devene Smithen and Prince Arrindell are two Nevisians that were recently accepted by EARTH University to begin their college degree in Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Management. EARTH University specializes in sustainable agriculture and is located in Guácimo, Costa Rica.

On August 17, Devene and Prince will arrive in Costa Rica and begin their transformational journey, with the dream of one day helping the people of Nevis to develop their agricultural sector. Their dream was made possible by generous support from a donor who provided them with a full scholarship that will allow them to develop as professionals and as leaders of change for the future.
“We are excited to welcome students Devene and Prince. They are the first students we have ever had from Nevis and will become the first generation of EARTH graduates from their country. We firmly believe that they will become leaders of change for their communities,”mentions Junior Acosta, Director of Admissions at EARTH University.

At EARTH, Devene and Prince will develop and hone their skills in every stage of agricultural production, including cultivation, crop management, harvest, post-harvest and food processing. They will also gain valuable experience in waste management and ethical entrepreneurship.

“For us it is a great joy to be part of EARTH University. We want to change the world and EARTH provides us the tools to do it. I would love to return to Nevis when my studies are completed. I want to develop the communities of Nevis”, mentioned Devene Smithen.

Before beginning classes in January 2015, Devene and Prince will participate in an intensive Spanish immersion program for five months, taking daily classes and living with Costa Rican host families to maximize their learning potential.

“We invite all those interested in becoming an agronomist to visit our website at Admissions for the 2016 academic year will end on November 30th, 2014,”says Mr. Acosta.

“I encourage all young people who want to study agriculture to apply to EARTH University. We are very excited, we believe in the power of people and we know that when we finish our studies we will go back to Nevis to start building a more prosperous and just society”, said Prince Arrindell.

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