The Kore Band walks away with Band Clash and Road March Titles for Culturama 2013

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)– The Kore Band was no ‘joke’ this year as the band successfully walked away with two titles for Culturama 2013.

The Kore Band
The Kore Band

Their first major success was on Saturday, July 27, 2013 for the ‘King of de Jungle Band Clash’. It was announced that the band had defeated its other competitors The Ultra Sonic Band, Odisi Band, The Ultimate Band, X-zibit Band and Kassanova Band and had secured victory as Band Clash winners for 2013.

The Kore band continued to dominate as it was announced at the Cultural Complex during the Troupes and Parade that The Kore Band was adjudged the 2013 Culturama Road March Champion with a total of 406 points. The band crushed the other band competitors, and by trouncing second place winner the Odisi Band by some 147 points.

The Kore’s ‘Love De Festival’ is said to be the most popular song to have been released for the 2013 Festival season. Many persons are of the view that this song is one of the ‘sweetest’ songs Nevis Culturama has heard for a long time. The song featured King Meeko and was sung by Delly Ranks, a member of The Kore Band.

In second place was the Odisi Band. They scored 259 with their 2013 song, ‘In De Saddle’ while last year’s Road March Champion, the Ultra Sonics Band dropped to third position, amassing 251 point with its tune ‘Big Drum Mas’.

‘Gharlic’ a member of the Kore Band told this media house that after long period of rehearsals and being confident in what the Band had rehearsed, he knew that the Kore was in a position to dominate and crush their competitors. He stated that Band Clash was an easy walk over for them. He also stated that the positive feedback from fans with the tune, ‘Love De Festival’ he knew Road March Championship 2013 belonged to The Kore.

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