It is a true saying, ‘In the history of mankind, stars are not born they have always been there. You only have to make the discovery’.

This saying refers to the Popular, Versatile, Magnetic, Energetic and Super band to recently take the place by storm.

Not since the original Burning Flames out of Antigua back in the eighties, have we seen such a wave of demands from the Local, Regional, and International crowd for a Band.

This is a Band  fresh from its successful, hard hitting performance at the 2013 Music Festival in St. Kitts and who is now returning to its roots, in its own home town.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you the KORE FOUNDATION with its new album for 2013 ‘SUMMER KORE VOL-3’.

This Dynamic team has done it all musically and with their singing ability. The band is now getting into top gear for the local festival, CULTURAMA.

The KORE FOUNDATION will be competing at the King of the Jungle Band Clash. They will also be on stage for several queen shows. Fans will also see them participate in the Emancipation J’ouvert Jump-up, and last lap.

For Culturama, you will then be able to see who is in charge of music in all of Nevis!!! THE ONE, THE ONLY, KORE FOUNDATION.


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