The Local Weather Forecast for St Kitts and Nevis

Valid up to 8 pm tomorrow Tuesday 18th June 2024.

Today’s Temps


Low 23oC

Synopsis: Unsettled conditions associated with a tropical wave will continue to affect the area. Additionally, daytime heating could increase shower activity during the afternoon hours. Rainfall accumulation totals could be more than 50.8 mm or 2 inches. A flash flood advisory could go into effect with a possible upgrade to a warning on short notice.

Weather tonight: Cloudy with occasional showers and a moderate chance of thunderstorms.

Weather tomorrow: Cloudy with occassional showers and a moderate chance of thunderstorms.

Winds: East at 7-19 km/h or 5-12 mph.

Seas: 0.3 to 0.9 metres or 1 to 3 feet.

Sunrise tomorrow: 5:37 am.

Sunset tomorrow: 6:47 pm.

Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological Services
Letitia Humphreys/Charissa Humphreys-Forecaster

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