The much anticipated junior chef competition was held at the NEPAC courtyard on Monday 15th April.

The contest featured grade four students from the various primary schools across the island, along with representatives from the Cicely Browne Integrated School.

ST. james Primary

The contest was initiated and coordinated by the Health Promotions Unit and was the culmination of a campaign geared to wage war against the high incidences of obesity in the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.
The overall objective of the program is to get the children on the island to develop healthy eating habits at an early age.
For the January to April term, the children were taught about food groups and portion sizes.
As a requirement for the competition, each school had to submit a pre-made healthy snack to be judged on competition day. The schools also sent two students and a parent to participate in the live cooking contest.
Interestingly, world renowned Chef, Llewellyn SUNSHINE Caines, showed up in the corner of the Charlestown Primary School.
The students came up with some very creative cooking ideas that whetted the taste buds of all present.
When the judges would have completed their head scratching, the final results revealed the closeness of the contest:

First place: St. James’ Primary and Charlestown Primary
Second Place: VOJN Primary
Third Place: Nevis Academy & Ivor Walters Primary

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