The Verdict Is In

A few weeks ago, the exciting Basketball league being hosted by the Nevis Amateur Basketball Association (NABA), was suspended indefinitely due to protests made by the two losing teams in the last round of playoff games.
President of NABA, Wanda Parry, revealed on Monday that the Basketball commission met and duly considered the protests by the teams and ruled as follows:
‘Protest one: Submitted by the Dynamics Sports club. A 24 second clock violation by the CG Rebels, resulted in a two points conversion and the team eventually won the game by four points. Therefore, the request for that game to be replayed.
Ruling: It is the view of the commission that even if the referee corrected the correctable error, CG Rebels would have won the game by two points (regardless). Therefore the game standings between the two teams at 1 all, should remain. The final game must be played to determine who moves on to the next round. In the event that the scores were tied, it would have resulted in OVERTIME and not a REPLAY.
Protest two: Submitted by the CG Massives team: Objecting to an official who threatened the team members days before and prior to officiating in a match which they subsequently lost, is requesting that the match be replayed and the official be removed from their games.
Ruling: It is granted that the official will be removed from the games involving CG Massives. However, the game will not be replayed because the team had ample time to object to the official, prior to their game.
In conclusion, the tournament should continue to determine the finalists, then the eventual winners.’
In light of the above report, Miss Parry has indicated that the tournament will continue tonight-Tuesday 29th May, when Ole Skool will engage CG Massives.
The results of the two last contested games have also been released:
S L Horsford Nevis amateur Basketball Association 2018 League 12th May 2018
Playoff Game three
Ole Skool 71 points C G Massive 64 points

First quarter C G Massive 18 Ole Skool 12
Second quarter Ole Skool 20 C G Massive 11
Third quarter C G Massive 17 Ole Skool 14
Fourth quarter Ole Skool 25 C G Massive 18

Half time score 34 to 29 in favor of Ole Skool

Ole Skool 71 points
Jenerson France 37poi 9reb 2ste 5 of 10 free throw made 5turnovers
Santos Calderon 10poi 3reb 9ass 3ste 3 of 5 free throw made 4turnover
Vance Allen 8poi 1reb 1ass 4ste 2 of 4 free throw made 2turnovers
Nassive Lewis 5poi 12reb 1 of 2 free throw made 1turnover

C G Massive 64 points
Kelvin Bramble 22poi 15reb 1ass 1b/s 2 of 8 free throw made 5turnovers
Matthew Harding 20poi 7reb 1b/s 2 of 2 free throw made 3turnovers
Kirthni Esdaille 5poi 8reb 3ass 1ste 1 of 1 free throw made 1turnover
Floyel Stapleton 4poi 6reb 7ass 1ste 2 of 5 free throw made 3turnovers

S L Horsford Nevis amateur Basketball Association 2018 League 12th May 2018
Playoff Game 4
C G Rebels 75 points Dynasty Ballers 71 points

First quarter C G Rebels 20 Dynasty Ballers 13
Second quarter Dynasty Ballers 15 C G Rebels 14
Third quarter C G Rebels 24 Dynasty Ballers 21
Fourth quarter Dynasty Ballers 22 C G Rebels 17

Half time score 34 to 28 in favor of C G Rebels

C G Rebels 75points
Royden Browne 34poi 12reb 4ass 6ste 2b/s 15 of 18 free throw made 6turnovers
Kirt Herbert 17poi 8reb 2ass 2ste 7 of 13 free throw made 3turnovers
Hakeem Harvey 5poi 13reb 4ass 3ste 3b/s 1 of 4 free throw made 1turnover
Donford Wilkinson 14poi 5reb 3ass 7ste 1b/s 2 of 3 free throw made 12turnovers

Dynasty Ballers 71 points
Trevorne Simmonds 26poi 2reb 1ass 4ste 14 of 22 free throw made 3turnover
Norris Williams 11poi 7reb 1ass 3ste 1b/s 3 of 4 free throw made 6turnover
Ronel Jones 6poi 1reb 2ass 9ste 3turnovers
Orion Jones 7poi 7reb 3ste 1 of 3 free throw made

Next S L Horsford Nevis Amateur Basketball Association sponsored league game is
Tuesday 29th May 2018 7:00pm C G Massive vs. Ole Skool

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