The Way I See It

By: Curtis Morton

The way I see it, I don’t like to feel slighted, especially when I am paying money for a service.
I mean Lawd, if I was begging and I was ignored for a good bit of time, then I may not have felt so badly.

You know the old adage: ‘Beggars are not choosers!’

So, I decided to take out the wife on Tuesday night. So the plan was to take her to the CPL first game in St.Kitts. After all, the St.Kitts-Nevis Patriots were playing.
So I was directed to COURTS in order to get the tickets.

I paid for the two tickets and to my surprise I received not two tickets but a printed paper indicating that I had paid and I was informed that I would have to collect the tickets at COURTS in St.Kitts, when the boat got down.

I asked the reason for that and the nice young lady told me that all of the printing of the tickets was being done at the St.Kitts end.

I found it strange but I did not prolong the conversation.

I learnt that there would be a boat at 4 pm and so my wife and I got to the pier, well in advance of the time and to our shock realized that the line was long.

I mean looooooonnnngg.
Well I newa!
When we had almost reached the ticket agent, she informed all present that ‘tickets run out.’
You know that would have stirred up an ants nest. However, she assured that the Sea Hustler would leave soon after the LADY B departed.

So, I had to sit there and wait and listen to several conversations. One about the merits of travelling on the SEA HUSTLER versus travelling on the LADY B and then somebody had to say that the COURTS in St.Kitts don’t trust the COURTS in Nevis, so that is why we had to collect the tickets there and ‘all kinda story.’

Eventually they started to sell tickets again and we got our tickets. As per usual, Mr. Skeete handled the boat expertly to Basseterre and we got off with minutes to spare before the start of the game.
Now the tickets…
I rushed to COURTS with some other people and when we got there, we discovered that they were officially closed.

However, we saw some people through the glass and we got their attention. One amicable young man asked if we were the people from Nevis for the Cricket and when we answered in the affirmative, he directed us upstairs.

Wanting to see the first ball bowled, I bolted upstairs. There were three young ladies behind the counter. They seemed to be engaged in counting money. Now I am there wondering why the guy sent me up by people who counting money?

Anyway, I addressed them politely and told them that I was there for the tickets. There was a slight acknowledgement of my presence but they continued their counting and I realized that they were having a concern over whether something was supposed to be 88 or 89.

I figured that if I had to wait for them to count over again, by that time Gayle would be on 89!
‘The match start already,’ I said, loudly enough to be heard and hoping that they would just give me the tickets that I had already paid for.

One of the young ladies asked me: ‘So how many more people coming up?” That is when I realized that the other guys had not come upstairs. I was later told that they were directed to collect their tickets at the PARK.

So why didn’t they send me Park too?
Eventually, one of the ladies printed the tickets. I never see a printer work so slow!
When I finally got out of there, we hustled to the Park and I missed the Evin Lewis six and how he got out.

I soon forgot about my little incident as I sat to enjoy Tonito’s cameo and tried to focus on catching the ball one handed if it came my way. Of course that never happened.

But I still believe though that many business places need to upgrade their customer service skills. It is sadly lacking…especially like I say when people are paying money for the service.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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