The Way I See It

The way I see it, we ought to be more helpful to each other and more considerate as well.

Last weekend, a friend of mine lost a phone and I don’t know dear reader, if you recognize the value that is being placed on cell phones nowadays.

I am not just talking about the exorbitant figures that people purchase phones for in this era.

I am talking about the fact that, normally when someone misplaces a phone, there is obvious panic that results.

I mean, people nowadays put virtually everything on their phones; especially those persons who are PHONE SAVVY.

Sometime last year, another acquaintance of mine lost her phone and a group of us went back to the spot where she remembered having it last, within minutes of it going missing and it was gone.

Well I newa!

She felt so bad, because all of her teaching prep work and other vital information was stored on this one phone.

Many rings to the phone, produced one abbreviated opening of the lines and no words uttered from the other end and then after that, the calls went straight to voicemail.

The ‘new owner’ had obviously made up his/her mind that it was something worth keeping.

In this recent case, a group of us scoured the general area where the phone was inadvertently dropped.

No signs.

Many calls to the phone produced no response.

Late that evening, after making a report to the Police Station, information was received that the phone was found.

My friend was overjoyed and decided that she would give the little boy who found it a little monetary reward but then things got sour.

The mother of the child informed the original owner of the phone that the child needed PAY before he released the phone.

Well I newa!

I think I told you that many moons ago, that a dog belonging to the late, Arthur Anslyn, bit me in the Charlestown Health Center yard, after jumping the wall to his home.

I think I told you that I was encouraged to ‘sue him for all he was worth’ and I refused to do so, simply because ‘do so no love so,’ and I have a dog too and the thought process is, that my dog may get away and bite someone too and how would I like them to treat me?

Well, whether or not they would be considerate to me, my thoughts are that God himself would want me to be considerate to others and that would always be my MODUS OPERANDI.

  1. In the same vein, doesn’t it occur to people, that if they find a phone that they could put themselves in the place of the owner and be similarly considerate?

Why would you want to charge someone, before you give them back a phone that you found?

Well, my friend eventually gave the little boy some money and got her phone back, with all of her information intact but I really think it is a sad tale. For a little boy to have that mindset at that age, to me it is appalling.

Or maybe that it what he was told by the mother?

Whatever it is, it takes away from the loving, caring society that we used to portray.

I remember some time ago, an acquaintance of mine, found a purse and when he returned it to the owner, he told me in real disappointment:

‘You know the woman only say ‘thanks.’ She aint offer me a red cent. Ah should ah tek everything that was in there, instead ah giving her!’

That is not the way we should go and the God who created and then redeemed us, will be sore disappointed.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?




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