The Way I See It

The way I see it, there is never a second opportunity to make a FIRST impression and as far as it is humanly possible, we need to get things as right as we can, whenever we get the chance to do so.

Having said that, of course the age old excuse of “I am only human and God will understand,’ will always be utilized, whenever we err but Jesus who lived an impeccable life as a human being, keeps reminding us that by his grace, we can always do better.

So, we refocus on the historic first Gulf Insurance meet, held at the brand new “MONDO track,’ on Wednesday 28th March.

On that day, the officials made the grand announcement that the Charlestown Primary School and the Joycelyn Liburd Primary school, were adjudged as joint champions, at the end of the meet.

Well, world war three started immediately and CPS announced right away, that they were going to make an official protest, as they were the clear winners.

Both, schools, CPS and JLPS celebrated as “WINNERS’ the following day, at their respective schools and the controversy raged on for just about a week before the Education Department officials took matters into their own hands and put a committee in place to conduct a ‘forensics’ of sorts of the entire meet.

Based on a press release issued after, some glaring errors were determined and the points were adjusted accordingly and CPS, was declared the sole champions for 2018.

Now, as we look back, after the fact, the natural question is ‘Who is to blame?’

However, I want to go further and say let us strive really hard by God’s grace to ensure that something like this, does not happen again.

One glaring error was the fact that a CPS athlete won a race and was not recorded as being in the race but won by a ‘noticeable margin.’

Well I newa!

When glaring errors such as these occur, the ultimate victims would be the children-psychologically and otherwise.

So, rather than play the blame game, going forward, I have some suggestions:

  1. Don’t make any grand announcements about final point standings etc until everything has been carefully checked; rechecked and checked again
  2. Maybe an alternative is for placements to be made, based on on medal counts, as they do at the inter high championships etc. That should eliminate a lot of possible controversies
  3. All officials selected should be given the opportunity to get the required training to bring them up to required international standards.

The good thing about making such mistakes, is that they can be corrected, when reviews are done but from a spiritual standpoint, there is no review available for redemption.

The lives we live now-PRESENT TENSE, IS WHAT WE WILL BE JUDGED ON by Almighty God and no matter the false teachings that are circulating, there is no redemption in the grave and persons cannot be ‘prayed out of purgatory.’

My bible tells me that ‘when you dead you done.’

In other words, the life I am living up to the point that I die, will determine my ultimate destination. I have no chance to call the THIRD UMPIRE and get the verdict changed!

By the way, it is not even so much the fact that I am alive today but more significantly, I must be alive and be in my RIGHT MIND.

Some persons are alive but the thought process is thwarted, due to one form of illness or another and so they are incapable of making RIGHT decisions then.

So it augers well for us, to use the time we have now, that we are alive and in our right minds, to make that right decision to live to please Jesus Christ.

We may make mistakes and continue to sin but we must immediately seek God’s forgiveness and change from our erring ways before it is eternally too late.

In the meantime, we need to avoid as many errors as we can to prevent unnecessary heartaches and headaches.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?



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