The Way I See It

The way I see it, our seniors, or better put, our OLDER PERSONS, ought to be celebrated in a big way for their countless sacrifices and contributions to the welfare of our fair land.

As we celebrate them during this month of OLDER PERSONS, in October, I can’t help but remembering my grandmother.

You see, I am from the old school and I grew up in an era when it was very common for grandparents to be fully residing in the family home.

In our case, my mother had brought her mother to live at the family home, so that she cold care better for her. My dad had no objections and neither did we. We grew up under her immediate supervision and sharp tongue and wit.

I can’t forget the days when we may have erred and she would have greeted us with the ominous warning that ‘when you dardy come home, you bottom gine for forty bun ah grass!’

Well I newa!

My younger readers, that may be a little difficult to interpret but maybe if some of you had some more of that, you would have been a lot more disciplined today.

On another day, when we were demonstrating our youthful energy and zeal, she may well say: ‘Macka never rest til he wing get cut!’

Told you I am from the old school!

Sadly, soon after I entered high school, my grandmother, who we fondly referred to as GAGA, passed away.

I remember that morning as if it was yesterday. My mother had sent me to her bedroom with her breakfast. She appeared to be sleeping peacefully, with a kind of smile on her face. I shook her gently, telling her to wake up. She did not respond.

I told my mother that she was fast asleep and she said to leave her alone.

I went to school and later in the day, received the sad news that she had passed. Based on the Doctor’s surmisings, she had died sometime during the night.

Well I newa!

I also had fond memories of my grandfather (my mom’s father).

He did not live with us but he visited often.

There was this particular visit that stands out.

By this time, we had our own television set. No longer did we have to across by Ms. Bailey’s porch to view her television, with half of the neighbourhood’s children.

So, he came that evening and we were all watching a movie.

It was a Western movie. So, the star won a couple of fights but sadly towards the end, he got shot and died.

So, the movie is ended and the writing is on the screen, listing the various actors and persons responsible for producing the movie.

My mother told my grandfather that it was time to go and that Daddy would take him home.

My grandfather’s response remains vivid in my memory.

He said: ‘Am not ready yet. I want to see the funeral!’

So, our seniors are knowledgeable, humourous and skilled. They can guide us from the correct bush medicine, to lessons on farming and animal care.

As we celebrate with them, let us not just remember them during the month of October, but all year round.

They have run the race; almost finished the course and we can all say WELL DONE!

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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