The Way I See It

The way I see it, there are too many angry people in our society.
Nowadays, I find that it does not take a lot to get people vex—ah mean real vex!
There are some offices you go into, in order to transact certain business and the customer service person at the front desk, is not encouraging.
Either they have their face push up like Nevis peak, or you greet them and they fail to acknowledge your presence and worst yet, may look at you as if to say: ‘Wha you come here to disturb me for?’
Recently, I went to a certain place of business, to conduct a regular gig.
As I stepped into the office, I greeted the young lady who normally deals with the particular transaction and to my dismay and horror, she glared at me and struupppss!
Then she said: ‘Me just bin ah go doctor’.
Well I newa!
I felt so unwanted.
Fortunately, another young lady stepped up to the plate and dealt with the matter.
Rewind to many moons ago.
I had just commenced employment at a certain institution ad very early on the job, I discovered some negative vibes, coming from a few individuals.
That went on for quite some time.
Many years later, I discovered that it really had nothing to do with me per se.
What happened was, when the vacancy was advertised, these individuals were hoping that a particular person would get the job, but they chose me and so unfortunately, I got the brunt of their wrath.
Just the other day, as I was heading to work, somebody tried to stop me at Brown Hill gap.
I instinctively slowed down, not realizing that a guy was driving in a pickup, really close to my vehicle.
I admit that I did not indicate, so he had to veer suddenly.
When he passed me, he let out some choice words at me (which won’t be repeated).
But the most amazing part was the look of absolute hatred on his face.
People are angry.
Now based on my limited knowledge of the bible, there is no sin in being angry.
As a matter of fact, the bible admonishes us to ‘be angry and sin not; let not the sun go down on your wrath.’
Besides, the way some people vex up their faces, small wonder they start to look real ugly.
It is said that we use 17 muscles to smile and all of 43 to frown.
No wonder we suffer from so much stress.
I have told people who are close to me, that of course lots of things bother me, but I have learnt to treat some people and the things they do to try to hurt me, in one way or another, as COMMERCIAL BREAKS.
You know, like you are reading the news (the really important thing), but the station has to break for their sponsors, every now and again?
So if I see them and their disgusting habits as mere commercial breaks, I won’t stress myself unnecessarily.
Oh how I know that people speak ill of me behind my back and grin and be friendly with me in front of my face, or when they are seeking a favour.
Sometimes, I do not make them any wiser.
I can play the game too. They do not have to know that I know what they said about me in a different setting, or what they did in an attempt to hurt me or deprive me of something.
Hard as it is, God still wants us to love such individuals and forgive theme just the same.
So, in my humble estimation, we need to lighten up a lot; exercise our facial muscles in pleasant smiles and stop moving around with our faces looking like two jumbies were dragging them.
We will live happier and longer lives.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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