The Way I See It

Nevispages weekly feature by Curtis Morton Sr.

The way I see it, we ought to be CONFIDENTIAL.

Confidentiality is a key factor in the proper upkeep of any society and anything deviating from that would lead to a breakdown of trust, relationships and the society at large.

There are institutions where employees are asked to sign an oath of secrecy or some similar document, because of the kind of information that the workers there will come across on a regular basis.  Such as information on people’s salaries, health conditions etc.  Some persons, cannot see things and ‘not see things.’  They just have to talk.  Telling somebody else the ‘juicy secret’ and being the first to reveal it, is their hobby.

They get a special joy from making the ‘revelation.’

I know a particular individual who when I want some information spread quickly, I would just have to call her and say what I want her to hear, in a casual manner and then tell her: ‘This is between us, ok?’  She would, of course, agree that it would stay between us and then the fireworks would commence shortly after.  When she passes on the information, she would tell her hearer at the time: ‘Me only telling you this but Morton say I must not tell anyone mind….’

In recent times, I have come to realize that the readership of this column has grown astronomically.

I am happy to note that Nevisians especially, in all parts of the world, are locked in on a weekly basis and this is highly appreciated.  What is now happening is that persons are now giving me ideas of things to write.  The only problem I have is, whether or not I should start another column entitled: The Way YOU See it?’

However, this week I am going to focus on submissions made by two of my readers.

The first one happened at our local hospital.

Reader number one, had the occasion to take her son to the hospital, to deal with an emergency and while one of the employees was dealing with her son, a lady nearby enquired of him, if her results were back as yet.  She says she was appalled when the worker shouted out to another, a little distance away: ‘Hey—-the results for the HIV test for Miss—came back as yet?’
The other employee shouted back: ‘Yes me done deal with it long time!’

Now how is that for confidentiality in a public office?

Reader number two is concerned about low hanging power lines throughout Charlestown and in some villages and wonders when we will get our lines underground, or something at least be done with those that are used presently, so that they will not be a hazard in any way.  He is also concerned about the number of stray animals across the island and absolutely appalled to see donkeys and sheep etc and on one occasion, cows, traversing the streets of Charlestown.

The question is: Apart from the donkeys, don’t these animals have owners?  So, I have placed the issues of two of my readers on the table, but back to the confidentiality thing.

We need to talk less and listen more.

I am always reminded of a rhyme my mother taught us in primary school:
‘A wise old owl sat on an oak
The more he saw, the less he spoke
The less he spoke, the more he heard,
Why can’t I be like that wise old bird?

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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