The Way I See It

Nevispages weekly feature by Curtis Morton Sr.

The way I see it, we are very limited in the English language, with our expression of love.  Isn’t it really weird that I can LOVE my wife; LOVE my dog; LOVE Sabbaths and LOVE my camera?  Of course, there must be marked differences in my feelings towards the person or other items listed.

The GREEK got it right, I think. They use different words to express LOVE:
EROS—This refers to romantic love or courtship
AGAPE-This refers to a spiritual type of love as from GOD himself
PHILIA-Non- romantic love between equals; friends, family or love for activities
STORGE-Natural affection between parents and children.

So, I pause to wish all of you who are in love, all the best during this time of celebration and I hope you demonstrate that kind of care and attention, all year round, to your other half.

Over six years ago, while my wife and I were vacationing in Aruba, I saw a little blue video camera and I must say that’s when I really appreciated the term: ‘LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.’
I mean, I fell in LOVE with the thing.  Because of its size and colour, I called it from thereon, LITTLE BLUE.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that I used a government-owned camera for my regular work, on a daily basis, LITTLE BLUE was relegated to a space in my filing cabinet.  Honestly and sadly, LITTLE BLUE became a forgotten entity.

Then one Sabbath day, while my wife and I were at church in broad daylight mind you, two thieves broke out sections of one of the louvers and entered our home.  The resulting effect was reminiscent of a tsunami. I mean, those two crooks tumbled up the house, inside and out.

Well I newa!

They broke into the filing cabinet and when I saw it busted open, I remembered LITTLE BLUE and realized that it was gone!  I felt sad then, but only because I was angry at the crooks who invaded our privacy.

However, after the Police would have checked out the place, taken pictures and done their investigative work, we went through the stuff, strewn all on the floors, beds—all over the place.  Guess what? Among the things I found, hidden under some clothes, was LITTLE BLUE.  Oh, how I rejoiced and I vowed then and there that LITTLE BLUE would become an active part of my life and since then, it has.

By the way, when I did my own investigations and discovered who the crooks were, I remember speaking to the younger one and told him that I forgave them and to get a hold of his life. He seems to be walking the straight and narrow now.

By the way, LITTLE BLUE is the camera that has done the most recordings for sports days and cross country events across the island, for the last several years.  LITTLE BLUE has even recorded Basketball, Cricket, Tennis, Football and other sporting events and other social events as well.  The reason why I do not use LITTLE BLUE on some occasions, is that the makers did not include an input for an exterior microphone.

So whenever I use it to record, if it is very windy, it can sound disgusting on the replay, because the exterior microphone picks up ALL sounds.  However, that little piece of equipment gives some really beautiful and clear shots!  I really LOVE it.

As a matter of fact, that is the one camera that goes with me, when my wife and I go on vacations.  I mean, it is so small, it can hold in my pocket.

That is the camera I had at the ETW Park one day, when a little boy asked me a stunning question, which I could not even answer properly: ‘Mr. Morton, how you get all them fat people hold in that little camera?

Well I newa!

So, LITTLE BLUE has become an integral part of my life.

Then last week Thursday, my heart sank. I was recording a Football match at the ETW Park, when I suddenly realized that when I pressed the record button on LITTLE BLUE, it was not registering.  I tampered around with it for a while and then came to the conclusion, that LITTLE BLUE had indeed ‘danced its last cast,’ as my grandmother used to say.

I went home feeling really sad.

It’s only then I understood how Mary Jane (a former client), felt when she had me drive her and her beloved cat to the VET, so that they could ‘take her out’.  I remember when the VET came with the needle, ready to inject the animal, Mary Jane started to cry and begged the VET for another five minutes with the animal and she sobbed and sobbed.  At the time, I thought that was rather funny, but I know better now.

I felt really bad. For all intents and purposes, LITTLE BLUE was gone!

You know, I did not even feel like that when I lost my dog, STRAY, earlier in the year and this is supposed to be an inanimate object…

Somehow, when I went to record at NTV the following day, the Spirit moved me to ask my good old buddy, Stuart Jeffers, a question.  He checked it and came to the conclusion that ‘yeah—looks like it gone in.’  I asked: “isn’t there another way, the camera can record?’  To my surprise, Stuart showed me a record button on the monitor screen and it worked!

Oh I was so happy, I just did not execute a somersault in the office.  That is what I recorded the St. James’ Primary school’s cross country relay with, on Thursday.

It was like LITTLE BLUE had been raised from the dead and that certainly made my day and my week.

I thank God for his continued blessings and mercies and I ask you dear reader to continue to trust him as you relate to the LOVES in your life.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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