The Way I See It

A Nevispages weekly feature by Curtis Morton Sr

The way I see it, it is nice when people can use their discretion and apply a touch of GRACE, every now and then.

Earlier in the week, as I was heading home, I remembered that I needed to buy some bread and so I pulled in at Market Shop and went in to buy the bread.  Now, am not making any excuses but the fact is, I was dead beat.  Having recorded a couple of sporting events and juggling that with a couple of taxi jobs, I was tired.  Maybe that is the reason that it did not occur to me that I had parked on a yellow line.

But then again, why place a yellow line, right in front of Market Shop itself?  Well, the point is, I was parked on a yellow line.

The original intention was, to get in and out of the shop quickly because it was just one of those days when I was looking forward to seeing my bed…  Unfortunately, some folks in the shop engaged me in a conversation and stupid me got all involved in the conversation and I kinda overstayed my welcome.

Suddenly, I heard a sharp, stern voice:  ‘Who is driving the taxi outside?’  I looked around and saw a police officer. He is one I am not too familiar with.  I quickly responded: ‘That’s me, sir. Am going now.’  “I have a great mind to give you a ticket. You mean you park on a yellow line?”

In my mind’s eye, I saw a ticket and having to spend two or three hundred dollars that I can ill afford at this time.  I said ‘sorry sir. I won’t park there again.’  ‘You mean you won’t park there tomorrow?’ he said, with a hint of sarcasm.

Long story cut short, I was so happy that he did not take out his ticket book, as I apologized again and sped away.

The next day, I saw two vehicles parked in front of the shop and I was wondering how come my good friend did not appear then, with his ticket book.

The following afternoon, I decided to stop at Market shop—this time to get a top-up and I parked all the way up by Lavern’s snackette, where there is no yellow line, opposite her.  There is a yellow line on the same side with the snackette.  As I walked towards Market Shop, a vehicle pulled up by Lavern-right on the yellow line.

Well I newa!

Shortly after that, I heard some incessant horn blowing. I looked back to see a big truck coming down the hill and the driver was gesticulating wildly.  ‘How you can park there?’ he yelled.  ‘What kind of stupid driving that?’

Now here was a man busing me for parking away from a yellow line and not annoyed with the other driver who had actually double-parked and was on a yellow line.

Well I newa!

Well, the next time I wanted to stop at Market Shop, I went all the way across to the newly organized car park, at the back of the David Freeman complex!  I try to avoid what I can avoid.

Now, just like the Police officer gave me a chance and did not write up the ticket, God offers his grace to us and if we seek his forgiveness, we can one day live with him in heaven for eternity.

Now, because the Police officer gave me a break that time, should I persist in parking on yellow lines, hoping that he will continue to extend mercy.  I would be a real idiot to do that!  So too, we must not take God’s grace for granted, as we do not have a clue when our end will come.  So we need to accept his grace and mercy now and try not to breach his law again after that.

Fortunately, God’s grace is all-sufficient and even if we fail him again, his arms of love are still extended towards us.  However, I won’t be taking a chance with those Police officers, once I can avoid it.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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