The Way I See It

A Nevispages weekly feature by Curtis Morton Sr

The way I see it, PROTOCOLS are necessary but can be treated with discretion.

I sought some assistance from my good friend GOOGLE and chose this definition, for the purposes of this class:  “A code prescribing strict adherence to correct etiquette …”

Some people truly adhere to the STRICT part with a vengeance……and that is putting it mildly.

This week, I had a very interesting exchange at a renowned institution.  Based on previous exchanges, I called and asked for a particular individual.

Dear reader, I am sure that whenever you are dealing with certain institutions, there is that one stand out person who makes life easy for you, in getting your business transactions completed.
So, I asked for my ‘go-to guy.’
I was told that he was ‘not in.’
Okay, I am not too bright but in my limited reasoning, I figured that ‘not in,’ means that he would be in, at some point.
So I asked, ‘you have any idea, when he may be in?’
The response was curt and to the point: ‘I can’t tell you that.’
‘Okay,’ I persisted, ‘can you give me his contact number?’
‘I am not at liberty to do that.’
‘Okay, can you please give him my number and ask him to call me?’
‘Yes, I can do that.’
I gave her my number and within five minutes, my friend called.
Only to inform me that he was actually laid off from the esteemed establishment.

Well I newa!

Okay, so I still needed my business done, so I made contact again, this time by visiting the establishment.

I greeted the boss, as we get along very well and spoke to one of the employees about getting the business done. He told me that I would have to speak to another individual, who was not in.

I later returned and spoke to the individual, who then told me that only the boss can give the approval.  Remember, I was there earlier and actually was within six feet of the boss!  Eventually, I made contact with the boss and he graciously approved the transaction.

‘No problem,’ he said.  He made my day!

It reminds me of an incident several years ago.

One day, I met one of our former Premiers in town and because he is a very approachable individual, I greeted him and told him that I needed to discuss an issue with him.  He told me to drop in at his office at my convenience. He told me that I did not need an appointment.
I queried the possibility that he might be busy at the time I showed up.  His instructions were clear:
‘Just tell whoever is at the reception area that I am expecting you.’
Well, that is clear English.
The next day, I passed by the Administration Building and asked to see the Premier.
The individual at the desk informed me in an off-handed manner that the Premier was busy.
‘Oh, I said chirpily, ‘he is expecting me.’
‘I said he is busy.’
She wasn’t even too concerned and returned to whatever she was doing.

Now, dear reader, what do you do in a situation like that?

Well, I was persistent: ‘The Premier said to tell you, to let him know when I arrive.’
She hesitated and then made a call.
Her reaction was one of shock. ‘He says you can come in,’ she said sheepishly.

When my good buddy Joseph Liburd, was in charge of the Police Force in Nevis, I was also the Manager at the Social Security office.  We had our own established PROTOCOLS.  It was a given. If he showed up at my office to see me, once I was told that he wanted to speak to me, I dropped everything else to accommodate him and he did the same for me.

I remember one day, I went to see him on a matter.
The officer told me that he was occupied.
I said almost cockily, ‘Just tell him that Curtis Morton is here.”
‘You don’t hear too well? I told you he is occupied!’
I felt disheartened and then I heard a familiar voice from inside:
‘Is that Curtis Morton?’
‘Yes,’ was the officer’s response.
‘Tell him to come in!”

I mean, some bosses get the blame because their employees are too zealous to stick to protocol.

The least some of these secretaries and other workers can do, is to find out from the boss, whether or not he would like to accommodate the person and don’t make a judgment call on his or her behalf.

I am thankful for the fact that the ultimate boss of the universe (am not speaking of Chris Gayle), does not have a lot of unnecessary protocols in place, for us to get in touch with him.  It is as easy as ABC, to get in touch with our God.  Through prayer, we can all make contact with him, at the same time and he will listen to all of us and direct our paths accordingly.  Maybe, some of us humans can ease up on the protocols and be a little bit more humane in our customer service endeavours.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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