The Way I See It

A Weekly Feature by Curtis Morton Sr

The way I see it, VON radio has now established itself as an institution within the Nevisian community.

On Thursday 18th June, the renowned local radio station celebrated its 32nd year of existence and service to the Nevisian and now worldwide community.

I used the word INSTITUTION a bit loosely, because of my personal respect for the output of the radio station. However, as an afterthought, I decided to research the word and went to my good friend, GOOGLE.

Here are some choice meanings:

1. An established organization or corporation (such as a bank or university) especially of a public character

2. A significant practice, relationship, or organization in a society or culture e.g. the institution of marriage

Well, VON radio is ESTABLISHED and has become a SIGNIFICANT ingredient in our daily routines.

Many persons can testify to the fact that for umpteen years now, they have virtually awakened on the point of 6 am with VON radio and Manager Evered WEBBO Herbert and his inspirational morning program.

There was another definition that I received from my good friend GOOGLE: ‘Something or someone firmly associated with a place or thing e.g. he has become an institution in the theater.’

So, that makes Evered WEBBO Herbert an INSTITUTION within an INSTITUTION.

Well I newa!

However, when the legendary story of VON Radio is told, every necessary accolade must be given to the original founder. The man whose brainchild it was, the original conceiver of the idea.  He not only had this brain wave, but he literally ran with it and did not stop until it became a reality.

His name: Merrit Herbert. The original story is written on the VON radio’s website and makes for intriguing commentary:

“The VON Radio idea was conceived two years earlier by BVI Nevisian resident, Mr Merrit Herbert. “In the early part of 1986, I visited Nevis just after some heavy rains which had set the ghauts overflowing and made the roads impassable in some areas”. A dangerous situation indeed. I asked a taxi driver how the public was alerted in cases like this. His reply to me was “Nevis is the only place without a radio station, so we have to make out how we can”. I replied to him – this was too bad. Consequently, the journey to establish the Eastern Caribbean’s Power House got underway. Sparing no time on that same trip, Mr Herbert met with then Minister of Communications, the Honourable Ivor Stevens (deceased). In this brief meeting, they discussed the idea of establishing a radio station on Nevis. After another informal meeting with Mr. Stevens, Herbert expressed his desire to establish such a venture, indicating that he had also spoken to Premier, the Honourable Simeon Daniel.”

As the popular saying goes: THE REST IS HISTORY.

Other radio stations have since made brief appearances on the local horizon and some have even made significant impact and contributions but when they disappear and even reappear at intermittent intervals, VON radio, like the energizer bunny, just keeps ‘going and going and going…’

Of course, it is not perfect, but then again name me one radio station that is. There will always be room for improvement and hopefully, the management and staff will continue to listen and adhere to GOOD ADVICE for the betterment of the treasure that is called VON.

So VON continues to provide for the people of Nevis and the wider world, inspirational programs; an outlet for local churches, oldies and current music of various genre; real talk programs; news and sports updates; health and Police information…and the list goes on.

So this institution, which was established on June 18th 1988, continues to boldly trudge on, making its significant contribution to the wider community.  Small wonder, ONLY THE BEST WILL DO.

So, it’s worthy to note that whatever field of endeavour our life’s journey takes, we ought to give of our best and GOD WILL DO THE REST.

Of course, there will be criticisms, rough and hard times but never give up. Like VON radio, KEEP ON KEEPING ON and one day, you will reap your due reward, by God’s grace.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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