The Way I See It

A Nevispages weekly feature by Curtis Morton Sr.

The way I see it, people should be given a chance for a reprieve, if they do something wrong and obviously were unaware that they were breaking any established rules/regulations.

The other day, I was in a procession of sorts and we had to travel through the historic village of Cotton Ground.

When we got to a certain point, I was informed that we had to take another route, because it was not legal to exit at the base of the Cotton Ground road, onto the main road, by making a right turn.

Immediately, I questioned the bearer of the news, thinking that the statement was absurd and when it was pointed out to me, that the guidance was coming from the lead Policeman in the procession, in my mind, I questioned if he knew what he was saying.

After all, Police could be wrong too and besides, I would have regularly made a right turn exit, out of the same stop. (I guess confession s good for the soul).

Well, I purposely drove on the main road and made a stop, close to the exit point and lo and behold, for the first time of my existence, I noticed that where I would normally make the right turn exit, there was a huge arrow pointing upwards into the village and on the left-hand side, there was another huge arrow, indicating that a left turn had to be made.

Well I newa!

Look how I could have gotten locked up or summoned, so many times!

Now, when I told some friends of mine, about the exit at Cotton Ground, they doubted me too, as they too would have made the same wrong turn, many times as well.

Well, for double emphasis, I drove them to the spot and they expressed surprise, as they too, were totally unaware of the no right turn exit.

I remember driving in St. Kitts one day. I was on my way top Warner Park, to record a cricket match.  I drove across that road between the Police Station and the Park’s wall (whatever they call it) but was fortunately stopped by a concerned citizen, who warned me that it was a one-way road and I was going the wrong way.

I hastily got my act together!

Even right here in Charlestown, I am still looking for the appropriate guiding signs, but does anyone know if Crosses Alley is a one-way road?

If so, which way is the correct way?

I mean, I see people going both ways through there, on a regular basis.

Even as I type, I have just been informed that a friend of mine, was ticketed for parking somewhere in the vicinity of Evelyn’s drug store, tonight.

Now, I really thought that those yellow lines, were for guidance during the busy traffic of the day, but that when everyone is virtually asleep and off the road, with such limited traffic, parking on the yellow line, was not an issue.

I really think that the traffic officers could probably do a series on specific one-way streets on the island and speak to the issue of yellow lines and their significance so that the general public can be better guided.

Now, in some instances, when someone is caught breaching a rule/regulation, the keepers of the law are sometimes harsh and unforgiving, even if it can be proven that the person absolutely did not know any better at the time.  Sadly, in some circles, there is a philosophy that, IF YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN—THEN YOU KNOW!

Someone told me of an incident that they witnessed some time ago:

A visiting tourist was seen driving down the wrong way at Happy Alley (down the road from Brand’s Bakery). Lo and behold, as she was driving down the road, a Police vehicle was coming up.  Sadly, rather than advising the tourist, the Police used the opportunity to LAMBASE the poor woman.  To his credit, he did not issue a ticket in that instance.

I  thank God, that he who made us and the entire universe, says in his word that ‘in their times of ignorance, he will wink at.’

Acts 17:30

‘And the times of this ignorance God winked at, but now commandeth all men everywhere to repent:’

I note though, that the verse continues to say ‘but now commandeth all men to repent.’

From my limited understanding, if a man is caught doing wrong and it is discovered that he was totally unaware that he was committing a wrong, then a forgiving spirit should prevail.

Of course, when a man has been corrected and taught the right path and he persists in breaking the rule/regulation, then all the fire and brimstone that is thrown at him, may be warranted.

You won’t see me making a right turn out of the base of Cotton Ground, any time soon.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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