The way I see it

A Nevispages weekly feature by Curtis Morton Sr


Recently, as I did some surveillance work in Craddock Road, I was approached by my good friend, Donna Myers.  Our friendship goes way back to the early 1980s, when I worked in the Charlestown district, as a young Public Health Inspector.

My boss at the time, was Shefton Connor, originally out of Anguilla. Some of you older ones would remember him as the ‘long bearded Health Inspector.’

Well, he introduced me to Donna’s mom and all of her children.  Her home there in Craddock Road, was a regular stop, at some point, during any given week.  She was always up to a good, healthy conversation and a laugh.

I can still remember that one day, we got into a bit of a debate.  She questioned me as to why I had stopped singing calypsoes and become a Seventh Day Adventist.

Well, I thought that it was a ‘teachable moment’ and we delved into the bible together, searching the scriptures for edification.  At the end of the discourse, I can still vividly recall her statement:  “Sandopey, I understand what you are saying and I understand what the bible is saying but I will forever remain a Roman Catholic.

That’s where my grandmother went; my mother went and that’s where I have been all my life.  I am not going to change now!’

Well I newa!

But, we remained great friends, up until her death and I have always kept in touch with the family members throughout.

So recently, Donna called me and showed me something.  I just could not believe it.  When Donna had her baby (big man now), I delivered a card to her, on behalf of Connor and myself and she has kept it all these years, as a special treasure.  When I delivered that card many moons ago, I never knew that it would mean so much to her.

The card:
‘For your baby’s christening day…
May God who loves all children keep your baby in his care.’
It was signed simply:
‘From Sandopey and Connor.’
And my own ‘unique’ scrawl is right there.

Now look at this – Yordorna Myers who currently runs the business enterprise called ‘De Honey hive,’ is now so proud of that son, who carries the name, Esbert Myers and who runs the very popular car wash business at Pinneys, known as ‘De Car Spa’ and the ‘Myers Cleaning Service.’

Now, Esbert is a big man about 40 years old and Donna still has the christening card and by the look of things, she is not planning to get rid of it any time soon.  That special moment almost brought tears to my eyes.

It occurred to me then, that as we go about our daily lives, it is ‘simple things’ like these, which can make a difference in the lives of others.  The God whom we serve has allowed us to live a little longer because he wants us to act our roles as agents of positive change.  We should go about our daily lives, seeking to do good to others and not being involved in mischief-making and seeking to make the lives of others miserable.

Donna taught me a lesson.

I want to continue to try to impact the lives of others positively.  I implore you to seek to do the same, dear reader.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

The Card



Inside the card


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