The Way I See It

The way I see it, the most ‘powerful’ men who have ever passed through this world, have all come and gone and those who are still around will eventually have to GO.

Some time ago, somebody told me that the most powerful persons in Nevis, are the persons who hold keys to certain well-used buildings or venues.  The person was explaining that such persons can make people wait on them; say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to specific requests, for use of the building or venue, as they deem it fit and generally laud themselves over the potential users.

Well, I have discovered that there are some other persons on the island in high office, who wield a whole lot of power and they do not hide to let you know, that they do have that power.

Well I newa!

Recently, I had occasion to have some business conducted and because of the nature of the business, I had to make contact with some authoritative figures.

Eventually, I was directed to the head guru. Well, so powerful is he that I could not even talk to him directly at first, so I got a good friend, who is also at a substantive position, to speak to him, on my behalf.  Well, the head guru did not make any real commitment but told my friend that I should call him.  Well, all that afternoon, I kept calling. No answer from his cell phone and when I got through to his office, he was always unavailable.

So, I decided that the next best thing to do, was to go to his office bright and early the next morning.  I waited for some time, at least over an hour and after I did not see him, I went inside the office to make a query and was told that he was not in for the day.

One kind-hearted person in the office decided to call him, on my behalf and I told her with some certainty that ‘I don’t think you will get him.’  Lo and behold, he answered her call immediately.  Well, the message I received was that I could check him back at his office the following day.

The following day, again, bright and early, I am waiting by his office door.  I had to wait for over an hour again before he arrived.  When he finally got there, there were no smiles; no apologies; just a rushed conversation, giving me the immediate message that he was busy and that I was really disturbing him.  He told me in no uncertain terms that there was not much more that he could do for me.

However, the Holy Spirit gave me some ‘holy boldness’ and I proceeded to explain the matter fully, as I know my friend would have done previously.  Well, he listened and then said, he would see what he can do and went into his office, leaving me outside to wait.

As I waited, I was suddenly impressed to pray and my prayer was simple: ‘Dear Jesus, this battle is not mine. Wrestle with him and take full control of this situation-please.’  Lo and behold the message came back that my request was approved.  By the way, note that he did not return. He sent one of the staff members with the message.  After all, that is what powerful people do. However, I asked the individual to express my deepest gratitude for the assistance.

Then, as a follow up to the business transaction, I had to make contact with a certain businessman, to finalize the processing of the documents.  Now, this gentleman assured me that he would finalize the documents and give me a call.  After not receiving the call for several hours, I tried calling him.

No response.

I tied to assure myself that probably his phone went dead, but the back of my mind, it was eerily reminiscent of the previous day, when I was calling the head guru and did not get a response.  I got a brother of mine to call but still no response.  Now, I am talking about a Businessman, who is doing a job, who I have to pay, mark you!

Eventually, by sheer coincidence, I ended up in the same office space where the package that I needed was, but obviously could not collect, without the relevant documents.  I explained to an official there, that there was a package there for me, but that the guy with the documents was not responding to my calls.  He called the guy and you know, he answered right away!

Well, because of that phone call, I was eventually able to get the package, but it is my stated viewpoint, that I will not be transacting any business with that gentleman, any time soon!  I was later told by someone, that some people, who have power and authority, enjoy making people WAIT on them.  It gives them an almost sadistic sense of satisfaction.

We, the powerless, will be continually humiliated and made to wait.  But, look at it: Even Mr. Trump had to leave and so too will everyone else, eventually.

What is so amazing though, is the fact that the most powerful being-God, our creator, does not make us wait like that.  We can approach him, ’without an appointment,’ at ANY TIME!  Interestingly, he can find time for all of us, at the same time!

It augers well, therefore, for us as human beings to realize that we are only a mere collection of dirt, existing because of breath loaned to us, by our most powerful God, which can be withdrawn at a moment’s notice.

So, effectively, I do not want to exist, as a boasting piece of dirt!  It’s better that we humble ourselves and treat people with the dignity that they deserve.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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