The Way I See It

A Nevispages weekly feature by Curtis Morton Sr.

The way I see it, MODERN TECHNOLOGY and the more modern ways of performing certain specific tasks and roles, have made us LAZY, LAISSEZ –FAIRE and LAID BACK.  Small wonder, we have so many cases of obesity, hypertension and diabetes.

I spoke to the fact that many moons ago, when I attended secondary school, we as students walked from Gingerland to Charlestown to get to the Charlestown Secondary School, in time for 8 am, which meant COMPLETING ALL OF OUR CHORES and then getting started on the road, by 6 am.

Then in the afternoon, a more leisurely journey back to Gingerland, in time to complete our chores, such as looking after the animals, getting water and such like, before we could even eat supper.

Well I newa!

Nowadays, children have been seen taking public transport from Chicken Stone to the Gingerland Secondary School!

I also told you previously of an incident when I saw a young lady, pay a bus to take her from Best Buy in town to the Charlestown pier!  She wasn’t even of the fat kind and was not carrying an injury. She stated that that is what she wanted to do

Just this week, my good friend, Mr. Kevin Barrett, drew it to my attention, that he observed some men working of the road and in removing some piles of dirt, they were using a backhoe.

He pointed out that when we were growing up, that task would have been performed by two or three men, using shovels.  Small wonder that the men then, looked a lot more vibrant and energetic.  To compound the issue, in those days the PWD trucks then, were some high, towering trucks and those men got the job done, efficiently.

Those trucks were so high, I remember that there was an incident when one of the workers fell from one and smashed his skull on the concrete, because of the height he fell from.  Apparently, his hat blew off and as he grabbed at the hat, he went tumbling down….

The point I am making is that these men got the job done, with the tools that were available at the time.

We now live in an age, where people are determined ‘to achieve more, by working smarter,’ which by interpretation, boils down to less physical labour, on the part of the human being.

By being so smart, we are not doing our bodies any good, really, because our bodies were designed by God to be guided by the general theme: ‘By the sweat of thy brow, thou shalt eat bread.’  Nowadays, we prefer to wait until somebody else has baked the ‘bread’ and then we acquire it BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY and then we eat.

Speaking of eating, I am told that there are two basic reasons for the many oversized tummies being carried around by a lot of our men:
1. Lack of adequate exercise
2. Overeating and drinking and especially at late night hours, as night time was meant for the body and the stomach to rest and if we eat late, then when we are sleeping, the poor stomach has to be churning food particles, all through the night!
This will result in excess fat.

Hence the reason for the term-BREAKFAST.  It is meant to BREAK the FAST from the previous evening!

So, we should really not be eating late in the evening. Got it?  Oh, how some things have changed to our detriment!

Imagine this guy, sitting in front of his television set. He goes looking for the remote. He passes the TV; collects the remote, then returns to the sofa, to turn on the set, with the remote and sits or lies on that sofa for hours, probably consuming a whole ton of food and drink, in the process.

The God who designed our bodies, expects us to be wise and we have to eventually give an account for these bodies that were loaned to us.  I am not against WORKING SMART, but not at the expense of shortening our lives.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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