The Way I See It

A Nevispages Weekly feature by Curtis Morton Sr

The way I see it, hard work and determination, pay great dividends.

I love the game of Cricket. I do not believe that there is anyone else in the entire world who loves the game more than I do.  I am also pretty much convinced, that if there is one game that God will allow in the eternal heaven, it will be Cricket.  What I have not worked out yet, is how anybody will get me out, while we are living in a perfect environment, where no sin exists. I cannot see anybody getting out. I sure would want to bat first!

Well I newa!

But that is not my focus. I want us to look at our West Indies Cricket team. That is a team that has made us laugh, jump for joy, mourn; become despondent from match to match. Sometimes causing you to jump for joy and mourn-all in the same match.  As a matter of fact, some West Indies fans have become disillusioned and have stopped supporting our men in maroon, while others, strangely enough, have decided to support foreign teams, like India and Australia.

So, the West Indies team is currently in Bangladesh and is what has been referred to as a DEPLETED team, which is void of a number of more established players, who have not gone on the tour, for a variety of reasons, mainly over concerns of the covid -19 pandemic.  Yet still, some of the same players have journeyed to far countries to ply their trade; do the relevant tests and done the quarantine and so on.  Some are currently in Antigua participating in the ongoing Super 50 cup series.

So, what you want to tell me then—only in Bangladesh they could have contracted the coronavirus?

So, back to the DEPLETED team in Bangladesh.

Those young men have made us-die hard supporters, really proud.

I mean, Kyle Mayers, burst on the scene, with a match-winning double hundred on debut and the supporting cast, all played their respective roles, to complete a miraculous win in the first test match.

Of course, the naysayers were quick to conclude that that was indeed a ‘one-off fluke’ and that our team would be back to their ‘old ways’ by the second test.  Well, their predictions almost started to unfold, because the hero of the first match, Mr. Mayers, did not get too many this time around.

But wait! Our guys have shown that with hard work and determination, it is definitely not a one-man show.  So others like Bonner, Da Silva and even Alzarri Joseph, have all stepped up with the bat and the bowlers are making waves as well.

What I have noticed with the team members, despite what some others may think, these guys believe in themselves and their respective abilities and they are playing their hearts out-giving it their all.

I respect and applaud that and even if they were to lose, I must say they warm my heart.  It shows what teamwork and a united force can achieve as well.

You know, shifting to politics for a moment, a topic I normally stay far away from. If I had the power to do it, I would go through all of the political parties in St. Kitts and Nevis and pick my best team of politicians, to run the affairs of the country.

I must admit that some of the players may remain on the bench for the entire match.

So, it is all about self believe; putting in the hard work and sacrificing time and energy in practice and training.

That reminds me, that if we are going to make it to heaven, so too we will have to put in the practice and training and the hard work necessary, here on earth, or we won’t be going into God’s space for eternity.

I want to go to heaven and I want to find out if cricket will be played there, so I am aware that I have to put in the hard work now.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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