The Way I See It

A Nevispages weekly feature by Curtis Morton Sr

The way I see it, we are governed by so many laws, within the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis that we can be breaking quite a number of them on a daily basis and may not even be aware of them.

Well I newa

Just the other day, I listened to my good friend Inspector Donnelly, on her TRAFFIC TALK program on ZIZ and realized in amazement that ‘here was another law that I have broken and not even known it!

I got my good friend in charge of Nevis traffic, Miss Marva Chiverton to send me a copy.  Now, this makes interesting reading:


1. It is an offence to drive with child without child seat contrary to section 63(3) of the Vehicles and Road Traffic Act Chapter 15.06 of the Revised Edition 2017, of the Laws of Federation. This carries a fine if ticketed of $150.00.

2. It is also an offence to drive a child without a seatbelt contrary to regulation 4(4) of the Vehicles and Road Traffic (Child Safety) Regulations made under section 80 of the Vehicles and Road Traffic Act Chapter 15.06 of the Revised Edition 2017 of the Laws of the Federation. This carries a fine if ticketed of $200.00.

The law makes an exemption for passenger buses with regards to the above-mentioned laws.”

In number one, I understand that goes for children 3 years and below.

In number two, it is my further understanding that any child in the vehicle, over the age of three and up to 14 years of age, no matter which seat he/she is sitting in, is required to wear a seat belt.

Dear reader, I am sure that you have contravened this law many times and was not even aware of it!

So, my natural question is: ‘So, if I am driving along the road and a mother with a baby, asks for a lift in my bus, what are my options?
1. Well, I can refuse to stop, cause I do not have a child seat on my bus
2. I can tell the mother she can come in but leave the child outside
3. I can take a chance and give both of them a lift and chance the possibility of a fine of $150.00. The money I can ill afford during these covid times.
4. I can invest in a car seat if I plan to continue to help people on their respective journeys.

Another question I have: It says that passenger buses are exempt. Does that also include taxi buses?
And what is the difference between a parent sitting with a child in her lap, in a bus, or doing the same thing in a car?
Is the bus safer?
I am thinking that it is good that the law officers are seeking to educate the general public on these issues because some of us just plain DID NOT KNOW.

Now, as regards God’s laws, he the ultimate lawgiver indicated in his word, that ‘in the times of their ignorance, he will wink.’  I wonder how long the Local lawmen will wink at our ‘ignorance?’

However, now we know, I guess we are no longer ignorant, so I guess we must be guided accordingly.

Looks as if I will not be making as many stops to assist people from now on.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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