The Way I See It

A Nevispages weekly feature by Curtis Morton Sr

The way I see it, the Traffic Officers should take a serious look at the unnecessary speeding on our roads.

It was just today, Friday 23rd April. The sun was rising in all of its brilliance and shone majestically on the quietest and nicest village on Nevis, Hull Ground.  A flock of sheep was making its way across the main road. They looked almost graceful in their deliberate walk.

It caused me to wonder where was the owner?

When I was growing up, as a part of our development, our parents made sure that as part of our daily chores, we had to look after sheep.  The process involved carrying water for them and moving them from one grazing spot to another.  They were tied to stakes.

Nowadays, the owners of such animals, just leave them to roam all day, in search of food and I guess those that survive the traffic and would-be predators, would get back in the pen at nightfall.

Well I newa!

So, the animals also become a traffic hazard and it is my understanding that if the owner discovers who knocked down their animal, they would be asked to pay a hefty fine.  On the other hand, if the culprit is not identified and there is a dead animal left in the road, it suddenly has no owner!

So, back to my story.

As the sheep moved across the center of the road, down the road comes this vehicle, literally FLYING.  The driver basically had two options when he realized his dilemma:  He could have tried to brake or keep going.  Well this particular driver, decided that he would keep going.  I mean, he literally mowed through the flock and he got out of there even quicker.

I did not even have time to get the number on the plate.  He left two sheep rolling over on the concrete and within minutes, they would have stopped moving completely.  A needless and reckless bit of driving, if you ask me!

I understand that maybe an hour later, two guys picked up the dead sheep and left with them in a pick-up.  Seems like they may have seen an overdue dinner out of the tragedy!

Now that particular stretch of road, could be really dangerous. It already has a bit of history:

You see, it’s a good stretch of road and once the drivers top the hill by BRINO’s SHOP, they just press down on the X.  They may not be aware that there is an established Nursery along that road and parents normally have to be dropping off and picking up children.  They may not be aware that animals frequently run down that side road by me and enter the main road at full pelt -like donkeys, goats and sheep.

Larry was driving down that road one day. He was not going really fast, but a donkey entered the main road from the side road and his car was a right off.

A young lady came flying down that same road another day and the next thing we knew, her vehicle was kissing the little, yellow bridge bellow my gate.  That’s over a year now and nobody has come back to fix it.

Another day, I was making my entrance onto the main road. I looked left and right and left again, no vehicle in sight. As I eased over the bump and made my way onto the main road, a car came flying over the top of the hill, out of nowhere.  I pulled hard to my left. He pulled hard to his left as well and ended up over the deep drain and then started to cuss me.

I dread the day when it could be a person crossing that road……

So, how do we correct that?

Well, I have learnt that speed bumps are not for main roads, so that is out of the possible solutions.

For starters, they can place a pedestrian crossing close to my gate, for the folks coming to the Nursery.  The authorities can also place some speed limit signs in the general area.  The Police can also do some unannounced STING OPERATIONS in the area, as well.

Prevention is always better than cure.

3 John 1:2 |
Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

God wants us to be safe and in good health. Let us seek to avert any more similarly unsavoury incidents, by putting appropriate measures in place.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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