The Way I See It

A Nevispages weekly feature by Curtis Morton Sr

The way I see it, I am hoping that we are only experiencing a really bad dream and that we will awaken soon and realize that it was only that, a bad dream.

Have you ever dreamt of being chased by a really mad bull?  Then as you run away and the bull is getting closer, you realize that you are heading straight for a cliff.  Cliff straight ahead—mad bull behind. Your choice.  Then you wake up with clammy sweat and realize that it was only a dream.  Whew!

According to my good friend GOOGLE: ‘The novel coronavirus has killed over three million people since the outbreak emerged in China in December 2019, according to a tally from official sources compiled by AFP at 1000 GMT on Monday.

Over 150 million cases of coronavirus have been registered.

Based on the latest reports, the countries with the most new deaths were Brazil with 1,657 new deaths, followed by India with 1,619 and Peru with 433.  The United States is the worst-affected country with 567,217 deaths from 31,670,353 cases.

After the US, the hardest-hit countries are Brazil with 373,335 deaths from 13,943,071 cases, Mexico with 212,339 deaths from 2,305,602 cases, India with 178,769 deaths from 15,061,919 cases, and the United Kingdom with 127,270 deaths from 4,387,820 cases.

The country with the highest number of deaths compared to its population is Czech Republic with 266 fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Hungary with 261, Bosnia-Herzegovina 237, Montenegro 228 and Bulgaria 218.

Europe overall has 1,025,222 deaths from 48,058,397 cases, Latin America and the Caribbean 864,999 deaths from 27,225,838 infections, and the United States and Canada 590,833 deaths from 32,789,620 cases.

Asia has reported 298,242 deaths from 21,456,957 cases, the Middle East 122,581 deaths from 7,290,046 cases, Africa 117,861 deaths from 4,429,269 cases, and Oceania 1,027 deaths from 41,602 cases.’

Normally these figures would mean absolutely nothing to us. We would normally feel assured that such happenings are far away from us and we will not be affected in any way.

The dream gets worse…

Right within our federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, the cases have escalated.  We have moved from the 45 to about 209 cases with lightning speed.

Some of our renowned institutions have apparently reported cases within their ranks: TDC, CFBC and the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police force.  Think of the possible contacts to these infected persons. It is enough to give you a headache.

Some persons are now calling for the closing of borders from St. Kitts.  Someone stated the other day: ‘We need to push Nevis away from St. Kitts.”

Well I newa!

The truth is, despite the fact that the cases on Nevis seem to remain stagnant, we cannot be assured that there are no additional cases on Nevis.  It means that the careless attitude that some of us have been demonstrating previously, need to stop NOW!

Let us be wise and follow the established protocols and stop the debate about who is wrong and who is right and what makes sense and does not make sense etc.

God in his word says: We need to be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves.  We can still get through this with God’s help, but we have a significant role to play.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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