The Way I See It

The way I see it, we are usually more talk than action.
My good cousin of fond memory, of Brown Hill Village and who I simply knew as CYCA BONE, used to say
‘You is BARK but not BITE.’
I was recently involved in an intense discussion and all of the speakers were making some very good points about a project that needs to be undertaken and one that is essential to public good.
I listened to all of the points and did not say a word. As they were about to conclude with the meeting, I raised my hand and politely sought permission to speak. I asked permission to tell a story and was given conditional permission to speak, once it was not a long story.
I promised that I would not be long and I told this story:
“Once upon a time, a large family of rats lived in a farm house in a village in Nevis. The rats literally took over the entire house and the frustrated farmer and his wife decided to fight back and so they bought a cat and within weeks the cat had been working overtime and many of the rats were killed.
The rats held an emergency meeting and they tried to work out strategies to get rid of the cat or at least to know when he was coming their way.
Many ideas were thrown out but all of them seemed of no effect. Then one wise old rat in the back of the room said in a low voice: ‘Let us put a bell on the cat and when he is coming the bell will ring loudly and we can all run away.’
Oh, this suggestion was greeted with loud cheers. They all agreed that this was the way to go.
Then the wise old rat asked in his soft voice: “Who will bell the cat?’
The entire room went silent……..”
Well I newa!
Needless to say, when I finished my story, the only suggestion I received from one of my hearers was:
“Well, Curtis, you do it!”
So you see, we talk more than we act.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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