The Way I See It

By:Curtis Morton

The way I see it, it’s good when people can do favours for you, without any ulterior motives and it is also good to do favours to others, WITHOUT ULTERIOR MOTIVES.
It was just this Wednesday gone. I realized late that it was already the 24th of the month and my Cable TV bill was due on the very next day. I also remembered that the lines are extremely long on that final day of payment.
So I made some quick arrangements and literally ran all the way to the Cable TV office in Charlestown.
To my chagrin, there were about ten persons already in the line.
I panicked. It was already 12.25 pm and I was due to record the Charlestown Primary School’s annual Sports meet which was scheduled to commence at 12.30 pm.
I was also aware that my former class mate and no nonsense coach at the school, Carol Ward had insinuated the day before that they would start on time, no matter who was present.
I panicked.
I looked through the line and realized that my good neighbour and friend, Steve manners was at the top of the line.
A thought crossed my mind but I hesitated o bring it out.
Now, could I ask Steve to pay the bill for me?
It was a thought and I mean, only a thought.
I have been in long lines at the ferry terminal and in the banks and felt disgusted when I saw persons just rush in and ask friends at the top to do their business for them.
So I empathized with the persons behind.
But I was desperate. “Steve can you pay this bill for me?’ I asked tentatively.
Steve gave the best response I have heard for a long time:
“Well, if it is okay with the folks behind.’
Way to go Steve!
Well I newa!

I again hesitated as I prepared for my big speech. I wonder if President Obama was as nervous when he delivered his first presidential address…
“Good day Folks, I am due to be at the ET Willet Park to video record the Charlestown Primary Sports meet in a few minutes. Can you please allow Mr. Manners to pay my bill for me?
I closed my eyes and waited for the explosion.
But it never came…
Almost to a man/woman, I heard: “Go ahead!’
However, there were two dissenting voices who clearly said ‘No.’
I said ‘okay. I will wait.’
I was disheartened.
Then the two persons (ladies) said: “Bwoy ah joke we ah mek. Go ahead.”
I was so relieved.

Steve paid the bill; gave me my receipt and I said ‘thanks’ to my new found friends and sped off to the ETW.
Guess what? I got there in time to not only get the march past but also to interview the joint patrons, Ishan and Tania.

I guess I should not make it a habit but it feels really nice to get a favour done, now and again.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it

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