The way I see it, the annual sports meets at the various schools, bring out the BEST and the WORST in us.

So far this year, I have seen a number of incidents that would have to fall in the unsavoury bundle.

At one meet, I saw a parent pull her child from the starting line for one race because in her mind, he had won his previous race and was awarded second place.

Now parents, guardians and my dear readers in general, the persons who they have asked to be the judges at these meets are mere human beings and they have to make a judgment call on a given race on most occasions with seconds to spare.

It’s just like the wonderful game of Cricket. We sometimes get annoyed with umpires for getting it wrong but they have to make a decision in split seconds and we at home, have the opportunity for a review on television-sometimes several times over.

So unless Lester Blackett and his crew are present with their photo finish apparatus, some of those races are hard to call. Even then, some are still hard to call.

Don’t even mention a race with ten to twelve kindergarteners to grade twos, all steaming down the track at record speed and all of them seem to touch the tape around the same time.

Well I newa!

So, we have to be a little more understanding.

At another meet, I saw tempers flaring and two young ladies were setting up to HARL OFF. Good thing some good citizens were able to restrain them and I think the cops got involved as well. Then two males almost decided another issue with the fists but again the cops got involved.

Then of course you have the entertainers.
Shelly could never be at a meet and people don’t know. Worst yet, if her grand children running.

You will see the SHELLY ROLL!

Well I newa!

Poor Jason seems like he tired. He goes to every meet. I wonder if he gets a special bus discount and obviously, they don’t charge him at the gate.

Then we look at the athletes. What do those innocent little children in Kindergarten know about bawling when they aint come first?

I venture to say that that fierce competitive spirit seed, is sown by some parents.

I have heard stories that parents tell their children that they will bang them if they don’t beat ‘so and so.’

On the other hand, there are those who are promised numerous ‘goodies,’ if they win their particular race.

The parents should allow the children to be children and let them just enjoy themselves but some parents act as if their very lives depend on a win by their children.

Again I go back to my archives and I refer to that race several years ago when I was recording a particular cross country for a preschool:

Two little boys were out front—ah mean way out front and their happy mothers were at the finish line cheering them on.

One of them fell down and the mother of the one still running screamed her delight. To her shock and chagrin, the little leader turned back and started to pull up his crying friend. The mother screamed at him: ‘Lef him! Lef him! Run lef him!

The little boy waited for his friend and the two of them ran in, holding hands and smiling, while about six others beat them to the finish line.

The mother told the child that he was TRUPIT!

Now, I always believe that that is exactly what Jesus is referring to as the Christian race. We should look out for each other just like that and all of us will eventually be winners in heaven.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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