By:Curtis Morton

The way I see it, I really cannot fathom persons who are, what my mother used to refer to as ‘highty-tighty’ and obnoxious.

It was just on Wednesday of this week, that I received a call on my personal cell phone.

I responded politely ‘hello.’

A woman’s voice at the other end asked in a sharp tone: ‘Who am I speaking to?’

Not pleased with that response, I asked; ‘Who do want to speak to?’

The person responded by asking: ‘Is this Curtis Morton of the Queen City Taxi Association?’

I responded: ‘Yes this is Curtis Morton and who is this?’

The woman then went into a tirade in telling me that she was disappointed in the manner that I had answered my phone, because she had received my number from the Ministry of Tourism who had made reference for her to get some taxi rates etc.

I politely informed her that this was my personal cell phone and that is the way I always answered my personal cell phone.

She continued by saying that it means that the Queen City Taxi association should get a phone for its professional use and a whole lot of other ‘recommendations.’

Well I newa!

I thanked her for her suggestions and politely responded to her abrupt queries as regards the cost for a half island tour tec.

Now I could have lived with that, had the conversation ended there.

However, once I had given her the information, she again went into a tirade as regards the way I had answered my phone and suggesting that I learn to answer my phone in a much better manner as the President of the taxi association.

Well I newa!

Well, I could not take anymore. I let her have it.

I told her in no uncertain terms that this was my personal phone and that is the way I will continue to answer it in the future, as hundreds of persons call me during the course of the year, for a multitude of reasons, not only pertaining to taxi matters.

‘So I must tell the Tourism Department, not to give out your number?’ she asked in a sarcastic manner.

“I did not tell you that,’ I responded sharply.

‘So what is your name?’ I asked.

‘Mrs. Williams,’ she said in a sharp tone and hung up.

The fact that she did not give a first name is instructive and point blank RUDE.

I may have missed a job for one of the Taxi drivers in the Association but am certainly happy that I won’t be driving Mrs. Williams anytime soon.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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