The way I see it, WHA FU YOU- FU YOU!

That is just the colloquial way of saying: What is for you-will be for you!
I sat with intense anxiety on Thursday of this week, as the West Indies male team, engaged the much touted India team, playing in front of a partisan and vociferous home crowd.

I wondered which Windies team would show up on the day. We know that when the right team shows up, there is a hardly another team in the world which can compete and when the wrong team shows up, the news is generally not good. Ask the good folks in Afghanistan!
So I watched the spectacular display by Lendl Simmonds and Johnson Charles and

smiled profusely as Andre Russell joined the party.
But it is the innings by Simmonds that I find particularly instructive:
Firstly, he was relaxing at his home in Trinidad when the selectors made the urgent call for him to travel as a replacement for the injured Andre Fletcher.
Secondly, he was caught and already heading back to the pavilion, when it was revealed that it was no ball!

Thirdly, he was caught again and this time as he headed to the pavilion, you looked at his face and knew that he accepted that it was curtains…
But wait! The replay showed that it was not just another no ball but a huge one at that.
Well I newa!

Fourthly, he attempted to hit another six during the crunch time. It looked like six until it was spectacularly plucked out of the air, on the boundary and the fielder threw it back in to the impressive Kohli who caught it. For all intents and purposes, this time Simmonds was on his way.
But wait!

I told my wife, as they were preparing the replay, that he was not out. She asked me why.
“If he wasn’t out before, he aint goin’ out again,” I said with some confidence. ‘Today is just his day!’

To our great joy, the replay showed that the fielder had touched the boundary rope while still holding the ball.
Not only was Simmonds ruled not out but he was awarded a six.
Well I newa!

We know the end result. He and Russell went on to complete victory for us as Windies fans and some persons were able to finally put down their pressure tablets!
One fella told me: ‘Bwoy, I was hungry but I say I not going to move nor eat until this thing done!’
So you see? Wha fu you –fu you!

Simmonds not only played a stellar innings but was awarded man of the match. A few days ago, he would have been thinking about watching the match on television!
Now this coming Sunday, with both Windies teams-males and females in their respective finals. I am asking that nobody calls me to do any work until both games are over.

If you are planning your funeral—postpone it!
I will be watching both Windies team make our hearts glad on that day, by God’s grace.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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