The Way I See It

The way I see it, I am not too versed in financial matters; I am not an Economist in any shape, fashion or form. I can’t even count my own money properly and I am just plain ole POOR, HUMBLE and POLITE.
However, there is an ominous foreboding, as we watched the critical vote by the citizens of Great Britain as to whether or not they would leave the European Union.
Well, the majority voted in favour of the LEAVE with a distinct margin of 52% to 48% and that has sent shock waves throughout the world.
Immediately that the news was confirmed, the pound sterling was devalued in certain markets and shortly afterwards, Prime Minister David Cameron informed that he would be quitting his post.
I asked one of my favourite local Bankers about the possible repercussions for us here in the Caribbean, because whether or not you want to believe it, in this global village in which we exists, nothing is done in a vacuum.
She told me that with the pound being devalued, all of our wonderful pensioners who have toiled in the UK and are now enjoying their years of retirement in their home country, will be badly short changed, because the money will not be worth as much as it did previously.
She however said that if it is one good thing coming out of it, is the fact that flights to England will be much cheaper in the interim.
On a wider scale, Britain leaving the EU could have a negative impact on the US economy and once the US dollar is affected negatively, a vast majority of the countries in the world will be affected and that includes our Caribbean area.
I did a bit of research and what I picked up is not encouraging:
“The Bank of England, the International Monetary Fund, and others have warned of the long-term negative effects of a British exit.
Stocks traded sharply lower Friday in a global risk-off trade after Britain surprised markets by voting to leave the European Union
The S&P 500 traded more than 2.5 percent lower to near 2,050 in midday trade. Financials declined more than 4 percent as the greatest laggard. Goldman Sachs had the greatest negative impact on the Dow Jones industrial average, which held about 500 points lower.
Investors went into more defensive areas of the market. Utilities sector was the only S&P 500 advancer, while the domestically-focused Wal-Mart was the only gainer in the Dow Jones industrial average.
Pound sterling fell more than 10 percent against the U.S. dollar between its high of $1.500 touched late Thursday to the overnight low of $1.3224, its lowest since 1985. Sterling was last near $1.364.”
Well I newa!
You believe that all of this is happening by coincidence? I rather think not! The bible has prophesied that perilous times shall come—2 Timothy: 3: 1.
I want to humbly submit that perilous times HAVE come!
And so this is only the beginning of the end. Jesus is coming soon and there will be a rapid finish. Lots of things will happen to speed up his return and only those who put their total trust in him will make it through to heaven at last, where we will finally be rid of all of life’s negatives; hurts and failures.
I want to be able to stand firm in these times and live to please God.
How about you dear reader? Only you can answer honestly but whatever you have to do—do it quickly, because we know not the hour….
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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