The Way I See It

By:Curtis Morton
The way I see it, Cricket is not for the faint hearted and you have to love Cricket with a passion, to really follow game after game.
I had a childhood friend who died quite a number of years ago. Until this day, persons close to him would still insist that he was killed by the West Indies team.
So, he had this heart problem and my understanding is that he was lying in bed, listening to a match between, I think it was West Indies and Australia. I understand that the West Indies had the game to win but suddenly as has happened numerous times, they let the game slip…and eventually lost.
My good friend went through all of the twist and turns of the game, with much anxiety and as the West Indies lost the match, he gave up on life.
So, here I was, not troubling anybody and my wife encouraged me to go to St.Kitts to watch the CPL fixture between SKN Patriots and Tridents.
Me done bin say me nar go no way, you know! But ah went.
First to commence, the boat reached down about 7.00 and the match was starting at 7.00. Next thing, I had to buy tickets. Well you know they are not selling tickets by the entrance gate, you have to go by the office.
I ran and I ran, because I was already hearing the shouts of excitement from inside the stadium.
When I got around to the office, my heart sank.
People! Loads of them and so I had to go in this long line. You hear pon cussing?
Well I newa!
After much jostling, I got to the front of the line. When I got to the window, a man just appear out of nowhere and pushing money to me, asking me to buy a ticket for him! I ignored him, knowing that had I done it, the persons behind me may have started world war three!
When we finally got inside, almost 9 overs were already completed.
I am even more convinced that the CPL organizers need to offer ticket sales in Nevis to avoid all of this hustle and hassle.
And you know, a lady in the line making noise saying that they should have outlets in Basseterre. She aint know what we from Nevis have to go through!
Well maybe I could have dealt with all of that and smile all the way home but to compound the issue, Patriots went on to lose the match.
Well I newa!
Coming up on the boat, I was sleepy and miserable and I was wondering, why I did not choose to take a front row seat in front of my TV rather than sitting on the hard ground on the mound and I was wondering if I should go back again.
But guess what? I am already thinking seriously about going down for the semis and the finals.
When you love the game, you are just hooked.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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