The Way I See It

By: Curtis Morton

The way I see it, I think I can make some serious money as an adhoc styled Tailor.

Well, my father started out in his work life as a Tailor. He then went on to be a shopkeeper and retired finally as a Taxi Driver.

So, I guess even though I can’t even thread a needle properly, there are some ‘Tailor genes’ in my blood.
Here is my proposal and I do not figure it will take any great skill.

All I think I need is a pair of scissors and maybe a blunt, jagged knife

Yeah, I know that I have you in suspense and I won’t give too many details because whenever there is a business opportunity and people talk too much, they open the door to much unwanted competition.

Sufficing to say, I have been observing that many women and some men, (young and old), within our society, have this style of walking around in pants that are cut in all kinds of places: In the knee area; the thigh and other parts.

I figure they consider it a style and so I am proposing that when they buy their good, good pants and they want all of those kinds of holes in them, they can bring them to me and I will surely ‘go to town’ on them, using my scissors and my jagged knife.
I would even shut my eyes to do it.
Just pay me when am done.

A moderate fee of $50.00 EC per cut would be charged.
Then we will all live happily ever after.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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