The way I see it, some people in Nevis, believe in some real TRUPITNISS!

Now I know I am going to mash a few toes and some corns today but am willing to take the repercussions.

It was just this week that an incident happened in one of my weekly environs. Somebody accused somebody else of stealing their money.

Now it’s one thing to accuse someone of stealing money but it’s; quite another thing when your burden of proof of the alleged theft, is pinned fairly and squarely to your going to a SEER of sorts who would use a pair of scissors to spin it on God’s holy and precious bible and when the scissors stops at a particular name, then that is the culprit.

Well I newa!

I also learnt to my chagrin that everybody’s name in the environs, were up to the whim and fancy of the scissors and bible, including mine!

Now suppose the scissors had stopped at my name?

Now that gets me upset!

Folks, do not use God’s precious bible to engage in TRUPITNISS.

Anything like that is of the Devil—Demonic! Satanic!

Now do not misunderstand me. The Devil has a load of power and he could ‘reveal’ all kinda things if you sell your souls to him but God has ultimate power and the Devil runs from even a trembling feeble soul who calls out to God in times of need.

So the devil is helpless to harm you if you put your confidence and trust in God.

I was a young Public Health Inspector, back in the day—many moons ago. I was working in a particular area (not to be named), when I arrived at a particular premises and visited a man who lived there.  His yard was spick and span and I remember complimenting him. I then went to his next door neighbour and this other man’s yard was dirty and poorly kept. I educated him on the values of a clean premises and instructed him to clean his yard within two weeks.  He bluntly refused and when I asked, he told me to ask his neighbour why he was throwing urine and faeces on his wall.

I could not believe it but I went back to the previous home owner and I remember saying something like ‘well I know this sounds ridiculous but your neighbour is accusing you of….’

The man shocked me and said: ‘It is true but he aint tell you that when I throw the urine and faeces on his wall that that is what is keeping his jumbi dem out me yard?’

I was amazed. I got an instant headache. I realized I was over my head in something and I prayed to God for help.

I then told him that I was disappointed in him, because I knew that he was a professing Christian. I said: “You just have to put the case to God and he will take care of everything.’

His response was instructive: ‘God helps those who help themselves!’

That was around 1980 or so. Now fast forward to 2016 and I would hope and imagine that a more developed, God faring Nevis would have long gone past that stage…..but sadly, we are still leaning on the ‘powers’ of a scissors spun on a bible!

May God help us!

We need to seek God urgently in prayer, seek his forgiveness for our erring ways and trust him totally and avoid the wiles and pitfalls of the chief of deceivers, SATAN himself.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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