The Way I See It

By:Curtis Morton
The way I see it, we should seek to be more friendly and seek to get along with the people we meet—yeah the people who live around us—yeah our NEIGHBOURS, using the biblical definition.
It hurts my heart, when I observe many of the younger generation, passing adults and others on the street without a simple ‘good morning’ or other form of greeting. Mind you, there are older folks within our community who are guilty of the same, but it appears as though, those of the younger generation, never went to the college of basic MANNERS.
The older folks used to say that MANNERS will take you around the world but if folks continue to be so cold and self-oriented, they are not even going to reach around Nevis!
In my village when I was growing up, our parents taught us to say hello to EVERYONE we met and so that is why in some quarters I am considered as ‘head no good,’ simply because I greet everyone, even if it is just by a wave of the hand.
Did I tell you? I remember one day when I was working at Social Security, I had occasion to go to Evelyn’s Drug store. As I sojourned, I passed a guy seated on the Long stone wall and I told him ‘good morning.’
As I passed him on my way back, I repeated the greeting. No problem.
I forgot something and I had to return to Evelyn’s. I passed the same guy on the wall and greeted him again. As I passed back and greeted him yet again, he pointed out to me that I had to be crazy.
‘You know how many times you done hail me?’
Well I newa!
But I can’t help it. It’s so I was taught and it’s so me ‘TAN.’
In that same tranquil village where I grew up, there were two sisters who for whatever reason, just did not get along with my parents and they always sought every avenue for BODERATION.
Mark you, based on our strict teachings, we still had to speak to them when we passed them on the road!
So one day, as I was passing one of them, I said ‘good morning’ and she screamed out at me and said:
“Stop provoking me! Stop provoking me, otherwise ah gine carry you name straight ah station.’
She then proceeded to follow my shadow’s head, which was extending across the street and stamped on it several times. I was so scared that I hustled out of there and never spoke to the lady again—until I became an adult.
This is how it happened.
Many moons later, now as an adult, I was driving along the road and rain started falling. In the distance, I saw the same lady. She was without an umbrella and was obviously getting soaked, on her way to church.
I hesitated—then I stopped. She jumped in quickly and said ‘thank you’ and as I looked back and said ‘you are welcome,’ her mouth dropped open and she started to open the door to get back out and I told her ‘it’s okay. I will take you to church.’
She relaxed and never said another word, until the vehicle stopped by the church gate and she muttered ‘thanks.’
I made it my business to speak to her after that …and sometimes she responded.
Recently I heard an alarming tale of a guy who greeted one of the sisters in his church, as he was about to enter the church one day and the sister responded, ‘do not disturb me.’
When the church was over, he was accosted by a Police officer who indicated to him that the sister had reported him for provoking her and advised him not to speak to her again.
Well I newa!
It reminds me of this ‘sister’ who did not get along worth another ‘sister’ and she exclaimed one day: ‘When ah go heaven and ah mit um up dey, me gine tun back!’
Ah wonder which heaven she thinks she is going to, with that attitude?
So I am persuaded, that God wants up to be polite, kind and courteous to each other and express his love in as many ways as we can to help each other.
Anything short of that, we are on the wrong road to heaven. We are headed somewhere else.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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