The way I see it, people always will try to shortchange any system that is put in place.

It was last week Friday and I was at one of the banks in Charlestown (not to be named for the purpose of this class).

The line was loooonnngggg!

I only waited because I had to get a bit of business transacted with some urgency and so I waited with some impatience, as you can well imagine. So too did the other people in the line.

Of course, some of them could not do it quietly so you heard comments like:

‘Dem ya too slow;’ ‘Wait, dat one day shut down like she ah go for lunch. She aint know that the bank full?’  Then the quick response: ‘You no want the gel go eat something before she fall down in ah di bank?’

Well what you get in a bank, in a long line, is nothing short of entertainment.

So I waited.

Then one of the guys behind me comes up with this smart plan. He calls out to the guy who is up to go next and asked him if he could change a cheque for him. The guy at first said ‘No,’ but with some urging, he reluctantly took the cheque and asked the other guy for an ID. The one who wanted the favour done responded: ‘I don’t have an ID but I am here. I am my own ID!’

Well I newa!

Two two’s, both of them are at the counter, with the one requesting the favour, sanding behind the other guy.

People in the line started murmuring.

Then in comes this popular business man and he found out what had just happened and he walked up to the guy and stated quite loudly: ‘You know you should not have done that.’

Other individuals now started to express the same sentiment. The fella got real vex and said: ‘Well, it done happen!’

Tow two’s the businessman stays up by the counter and started to interact with the Teller. Next thing we know, he was being attended to.

Now people start to cuss!

I really don’t understand people!

A former headmistress took the two of them to task and told them that they were wrong, especially with so many people in the bank.

They just grinned it off.

Now what do you do in a situation like that?

I guess the bank officials need to have a better appreciation of who are breaking lines and rules and force them to wait.

However, I decided right early, that I was not going to get stressed over it.

I finally got attended to and guess what? Those two jokers were still in the bank, getting their stuff sorted out.

Serves them right! That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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