The way I see it—I believe in miracles. I am persuaded and I am fully convinced, that despite the many nay sayers, miracles still happen in 2018.

I was first hand witness to one such miracle on Wednesday night of this week.

After a hard day’s work on Wednesday, I opted to show up at the usual place, to do a stint, as a part time Taxi operator.

Later that same evening, I had the privilege to take two of our treasured visitors to the restaurant known as COCONUT GROVE.

Instead of waiting there for them and doing absolutely nothing, I decided to go to my office, where I started working on my news, for the next day and sports and downloaded cross country events from earlier that day, in order to identify the appropriate cues for my sports program.

Just when I was finished, the folks called for me to take them back to the hotel.

I packed my camera and bags into the back of my bus and raced off to collect the guests.

When I arrived at COCONUT GROVE, I relaxed for about ten minutes before my party of two arrived. As I stepped out to open the door for them, to my shock, I realized that the back of the bus was wide open.

When I checked, to my horror, I realized that my camera bag and my lap top bag were missing.

It was a horrible feeling. Apart from the fact that those things cost money that I can ill afford at this time, there was also a hard -drive in the bag, which contains the files of all of the recent recordings for my department.

Well I newa!

I immediately recalled that after I arrived at the restaurant, a man passed at the back if my bus and shortly thereafter, sped off on a motor bike.

Could it be that I dozed off and the man opened the back and took my stuff?

I reported the matter to some guys who work at the restaurant and that is after the two visitors, showing deep concern, helped me look all under the bus, for the missing stuff.

When I described the man, they workers said with confidence, that I was referring to a co-worker and he would never have done something like that.

I must say, that I left to take the guests back, with a heavy heart. However, the one good thing is that I remembered to pray.

I prayed: ‘Dear Lord, if it is your will please help me to find ‘Little Blue’ and the other bag. I really need your help here dear Lord. Amen’

I retraced the route that I had taken, as I returned to the hotel and my visiting friends helped me to check the sides of the road as we travelled.


As we parted company, the man said: ‘Curtis, I feel it for you and we will be praying that you find your stuff.’ I thanked them and we parted company.

I drove from the hotel and headed back towards Charlestown, using the same route that I had used in the first place and lo and behold, on one of the streets, there were my bags!

Well I newa!

Now let us put this into proper context:

  • At least half an hour had transpired between when I left my office and when I found the bags.
  • It is a public road-very PUBLIC road.
  • It was about 9 pm and people and cars were busy travelling at that time
  • I not only found the bags but everything was in place
  • No rain fell in the interim and the last few days have been extremely rainy

Now if that is not a MIRACLE, I don’t know what else is!

I don’t know how God did it but I am convinced that he has a sense of humour.

Maybe, he put an angel with a flaming sword to guard the bags and anyone who got near had to turn back, as was the case with Balaam and his donkey. (Numbers 22:26


23And the ass saw the angel of the LORD standing in the way, and his sword drawn in his hand: and the ass turned aside out of the way, and went into the field: and Balaam smote the ass, to turn her into the way.)


Maybe, he blinded all of the people who passed by, as he had done with SAUL.

Maybe, persons saw them and thought that it had to be a bomb or something and they stayed far.


I mean, I really don’t know how he did it but I just know that he did and it just makes my faith in God so much stronger and makes me want to strive to serve him better.

Now, this is what I figured happened: Now, since a bus driver had slammed into the rear of my bus, even though it is repaired, sometimes I close it and it does not latch properly, so it has to be shut with more force. I guess, in my haste, when I shut it, I never back -checked and it was not latched properly, and flew open as I was driving and the bags fell out.

Now, what’s up with LITTLE BLUE?

LITTLE BLUE is the nickname that I have given to my personal camcorder, which I bought several years ago, while in Curacao. I am convinced that that camcorder is BLESSED.

It is small and blue in colour; looks insignificant but produces some really good recordings. It has travelled with me for all of my recent vacations and has covered many sporting events and other events.

However, when my house was broken into a few years ago, the bandits actually removed LITTLE BLUE, complete in its bag, from the cabinet it was in, but somehow covered it over with all of the rumbling and tumbling they did. So, when I originally told the Police that my camcorder was missing, I later found it under a pile of clothes, they had thrown on the ground, in their wild search for money.

Now, God had allowed me to be reunited with my treasured camcorder, yet again.

Miracles still do happen and nobody will convince me otherwise.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?



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